It was a very long work day today.


Absolutely none:(. That doesn’t happen often and it’s amazing how much flabbier I feel tonight. I know I know it’s all in my head. When I got up this morning my hip was feeling better, but I decided not to be stupid and to give it one more day of rest. It’s something about hearing my mom in my head…


We had an okay day, but there were definitely moments- mostly around lining up, that drove me crazy.

We had a lesson on recycling this morning. We tackled a before and after numbers lesson and I learned one of my students doesn’t even recognize numbers to 10😳

This afternoon we learned about responsibilities and then went outside to play.

I got dust from pencils all over myself, then during outside play time I did gardening with some of the children and got dirt on my skirt and seeds on my cardigan.

I then got makeup on my shirt and realized my shoes were open toed and I had extremely chipped nail polish so I searched around until I found black nail polish in my desk drawer from witch’s fingers and painted over everything. Of course this all happens the day that is meet the creature night (otherwise known as open house or meet the teacher night). I really shouldn’t be let out alone.

Thankfully my room was empty by 6:13 and no one asked me how their child was doing. Open house is always my worst nightmare as I am really bad at small talk and parents scare me🤪

I am now going to go crawl into my bed!

Have fun!


22 thoughts on “A Loooong Day

  1. It was a smart idea to have another day of rest with your hip! Better a day or two off than being injured.

    Sounds like a much better school day which is great!

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