It was an okay day, but I’m worried!


I got to sleep in a bit and still got to get a workout in with L this morning. We did a hill workout and then did bicep curls, overhead tricep extensions, double crunches, pushups on the stability ball, ab rollouts, pike pushups, bent over rows, and something else I’ve blocked. It was a good workout and my hip did pretty good:)


It was a professional development day today so I got a couple of hours in my classroom to get myself organized and then went to a workshop this afternoon. It was good but sounded just like a program I’ve been using for years.

Blog Hop:

The final day of Teacher Turned Mommy’s back to school blog hop.

What’s in my lunchbox? I usually have a piece of fruit for recess, but not oranges anymore as one of my students is allergic. I then have leftovers for lunch:). It’s simple, but does the trick.


I have been working on my Not A Boring Sweater year knit and am on the hem pattern. I’m really starting to worry that I’m not going to have enough yarn left to do the sleeves:(. It makes it tough to keep knitting when I don’t think I’m going to be able to finish:( I have a message into the company, but doubt they have any. If anyone has an idea to solve this problem, please let me know.

This is what the sweater looks like.

Well I’m off to bed with a book!

Have fun!


9 thoughts on “ProD Day

  1. Be sure to check Ravelry to see if anyone has the yarn available for sale or trade. If you can’t find it there message people (very nicely) and ask if they would be willing to sell a skein or even leftover partial skein to help you finish your sweater. I’ve had people ask me and I’ve been happy to help them out.

    1. I did look and there’s only a woman in Austin Texas and one in England. Both say not for sale, but I might have to approach them anyways. I’ll see if I can get done first thouh

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