I so prefer when my life is calm and drama free.


I got up and got out for my run and my left hip felt fine. I started off slow but managed a decent average per kilometer. I also managed to catch up on my mileage for the week even with two days off. I just don’t have that nice cushion anymore:(


I got home to a letter from my strata saying that I would be fined about my truck leaking oil as this was the third offense. I have cleaned it up after every letter so shouldn’t I start back at one each time? Letters from strata always stress me out, but I guess now I need to write them a letter. ☹️

I also did a ton of cleaning this morning and can actually stand being in my condo again:)


I have done a little bit of knitting today but probably not as much as I should have:(. I at least have permission from the designer to crop the sweater if I need to.


I stopped in and had tea with my running buddy Brenda and picked up some stationary supplies she was getting rid of. I take everything I’m offered now since we can’t get things at school.

I also went on a coffee date this afternoon. I can’t even remember the last time I went on a date. The guy gets points for arranging the date, but he dropped some when he didn’t pay for my tea. He was a nice guy to talk to, though I did tell my mom he had a foxish look to him. He did have nice eyes though. We shall see if he contacts me for another date or not.


I’ve been reading The Wall of Winnipeg and Me like crazy today. I had heard of this book on the “Not Your Mom’s Romance Book Club” podcast and it sounded good. So far it has been good.

I’m going back to reading now.

Have fun!


16 thoughts on “The Storm and the Calm

  1. I have heard if you put down kitty litter it will soak up car oil, but I am sure if you left that down in your parking spot they may still write you a letter oy! I don’t think you want that guy to contact you again if he can’t even pick up your tea tab. I say you dodge one with Mr. Nice eyes 🙂

  2. Interesting, Mr Foxy Eyes sounds a bit alarming but when I was dating I’d always insist on paying my half as then they couldn’t say I “owed” them anything. I think Matthew and I would split things or alternate when we were friends; I bought him dinner on the night before his birthday, though. Then couldn’t afford the bottle of wine!

    1. Lol and you still ended up together:) it’s only the first date I e piece a guy to pay- the rest of the time we can take turns or split it.

  3. Sorry Foxy eyes didn’t work out, but if he can’t spring for a cup of tea, then maybe it’s for the best. Also sorry for the hassle with your strata. Is the leak from your truck fixed at all? Or can it be fixed easily?

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