It was a quiet day, with lots of time in the kitchen.


I ran with Brenda and Dennis this morning. Our fourth is still away so I did circles around Brenda so she wasn’t alone. We did 3.7km in the absolute pouring rain! My feet were squelching by the end! I have a 0.9km cushion this week. Hopefully that will help me out.


I finished The Walk of Manitoba and Me by Mariana Zapata. I had heard about this book on the Not Your Mom’s Romance Book Club podcast I’ve been listening to lately and knew I had to read it. I didn’t get much else done for two days other than reading this book. I really enjoyed it as it has a spunky female heroine who really doesn’t take anything from her guy. It also has a gorgeous sporty hero. It is a slow burn, on the sweet rather than steamy side, romance. I did get a little annoyed about how often the author mentions how big the hero is, but I could overlook that as he also turns out to be quite sweet. I enjoyed the ending because the book is only from the heroine’s POV so you have to wait until the end to know what the hero was thinking.


I have finished the body of Not a Boring Sweater and am onto my first sleeve. I am knitting it as called for and just hoping I’m going to have enough yarn!


I started the day by making myself some sausage and kale pizzas for lunch this week. I had some for my dinner today and it was quite yummy. I have to admit I used an Udis ready made crust and am not super happy with it. It stayed quite soggy:(. I had used a new vegan mozzarella cheese by Myokonos which was wonderful and melted really well!

I also tackled the Sally’s Baking Challenge for September which was Cheese bread. I won’t be posting this one on Instagram as it was an utter failure. It was super dry and I ended up not loving the taste of the new vegan cheese I tried. I won’t be buying this again. I found myself eating the bread even though I didn’t love the taste of it, so I threw it away and took the garbage out. This is definitely not something I usually do, but I really don’t want to waste my calories on it!


This evening I’ve curled up in bed and watched the movie Miss Potter. If you haven’t seen this movie with Renee Zelleweger, you definitely should as it was wonderful!!!!

Well, it’s back to reality tomorrow so I’d better get to sleep!

Have fun!


47 thoughts on “Kitchen Adventures and Misadventures

  1. One thing I’ve found that helps with premade pizza dough is to put a baking sheet in the oven while it preheats. Once the oven is at the right temperature, you leave the pan in for minimum 20 minutes (some things say to do it for an hour but I don’t have that much patience) then you put your pizza on the hot pan. It helps to crisp the bottom

  2. Not Your Mom’s Romance Book Club – okay that sounds too cool! I am occasionally interested in romance novels but many just seem too stupid for me to pick up (bring on post apocalyptic dystopian societies instead with a couple extraterrestrials and maybe some zombies or vampires, lol) but that podcast sounds promising!
    Sorry your bread did not work out but at least you tried it!

  3. I love a crisp crust, and it can be a challenge. I was just reading this weekend that King Arthur Flour suggests you cook the pizza without cheese then take it out and add the cheese for the last five minutes. I made some apple bread this weekend and thought of you. It is half almond flour and half regular, and I think it would probably work well for you with your gluten free flours. It was so good that I had to put it in the freezer so I didn’t eat it all.

      1. I agree. I’m not a fan of the deep dish pizzas, are you? When I still worked on site, I worked for an attorney and the H.R. Manager. So once a month we had a staff meeting and I had to order food for the staff and everyone wanted this place called Pizzapapolis which specialized in deep dish pizza. They were expensive and about two inches high. They were delicious, but I like thin and crispy better (you can sneak in more pieces that way too).

      2. I’m not sure I’ve ever had deep dish pizza. I’ve had normal pizza and thin crust, but that’s it. I actually don’t have much choice now because of my allergies so I guess it’s good I like the crispy one:)

      3. Yes, you’re right – you have to be mindful of your allergies. This is what is called “Chicago-style pizza” – look at the pic on the menu page … even the thin pizza is very thick. Pizza Hut used to make a cracker thin and crispy crust – almost didn’t taste like pizza.

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