This is the name that has been given to Workout Wednesday now that it has been moved to Thursday’s this year at school.


I started the day with my usual run in the dark. I didn’t see another soul out there so obviously I’m the only crazy person! I got 3.55km done and under a 7min /km average so I’m happy. To make it even better, it didn’t rain on me:)

This afternoon we got part of a bootcamp workout done, but then got interrupted by the daycare:(. I guess something is better than nothing. We did: lunges to front raise and lunges to lateral raise, rows, lay pull downs, a scissor move with a crunch in between, banded jacks with butt kicks in between, pulsating squat jumps, crunch with scissors,squat with side leg lifts, banded bicycle crunches, I might try to get those last couple done later tonight.


The day was going along pretty well until last thing. We had thunderous Thursday, calendar and a Fall mini book this morning. We did some more math work after recess and then this afternoon we started on our first core competency- I can describe my characteristics. It was very funny to hear what some of them said! “I am very sill” and one kid just wanted to write “I play soccer everyday” all over his sheet.

This afternoon my students had to sit quietly for five minutes after the other class had gone outside because they had taken nine minutes to get ready for planners after lunch!!! I gave them a taste of what waiting feels like. Of course when we went outside the other class had several injuries and one of my little girls turned around and stuck her tongue out at me when I asked her to sit and calm down on the wall. I then directed her into the office and she turned around and said no. I couldn’t believe it! I never would have thought of saying that to a teacher! She got to visit with the principal! I will need to revisit this issue tomorrow.

After my aborted workout I went to the dentist which is not my favourite place with my tiny mouth, but I survived.


I finished Puppy Christmas by Lucy Gilmore.

What a cute book! How can anyone resist cute puppies and a gorgeous man?

This book was very cute and imaginative. It was not what I was expecting, but was better. I liked how the whole relationship was fun and creative, and eat it helped both main characters grow.

I also loved the supportive family cast, as usual.

It was a lovely seasonal read.


I have been knitting away on my first sleeve still and am hoping to be done soon!

11 thoughts on “Thunderous Thursday

  1. Who k ew first graders could be so in your face. My little challenge sat at the piano this week and tried to dictate what we played…I finally told him too bad,to get over it, and do it anyway. I was the teacher and I was in charge of what we played. He actually settled down then, so maybe being here consistently is starting to help. We have actually had three decent lessons in a row, so maybe there is hope. He is really smart, but behavior is well below average!

      1. It works with HS students, I have to believe it will with 1st graders. I was told ” kids deliver exactly what you expect,” as a newbie 4-H agent, and it never failed in the end.

  2. Thunderous Thursday is a great name for a workout day. That’s crazy what that girl did. I would never think to do that! Hopefully it was a one time issue.

    1. Oh I don’t think so after hearing from last year’s teacher, but hopefully she will learn quickly that it’s not going to work in her flavour!

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