Trivia Tuesday #21

I really can’t believe I have been to trivia 21 times!


Once again I got my butt out the door for an early morning run. I always figure it’s a success as soon as I’ve made it out the door. I got another 3.44km done and only saw two people! I can’t believe everyone has given up mornings already! I’m just glad it’s still light out enough for me to do the trail in the morning. I know soon it won’t be and I’ll be stuck with the sidewalk.

I did notice that my left hip was hurting throughout the entire run, thankfully I had a massage this afternoon and he worked on it!


LOL I completely rearranged he day by mistake, but it turned out okay. We started with hallway writing about what they thought grade one would be like and what they wanted to learn. I was really impressed when one little guy came up with the word challenging:). They sure did have a lot of different things they want to learn about.

Hallway writing is writing we do on fancy paper after each major event of the year. I love this as I don’t help too much with it once we get past this first one so you really get to see how the children’s writing is improving. I then make it into a book for each child at the end of the year.

I had to find a new game for between recess and lunch and found an easy one on Pinterest. We took turns in the circle rolling a die and if you rolled a one you had to say your favourite tv show or movie, two was your favourite food, three was your hobby, four was a game, five was an animal and six was your favourite place. The kids did great and it was super interesting to hear! Unfortunately Miss M, the EA and I both got favourite tv show or movie which we then had to quickly think up a kid one to say🤣

Finally this afternoon we did a rule sort, learned how to put things into a duo-tang and then headed outside to play. I had one little guy who tried to leave the playground with his friend without telling me and another who threw sand just because his friend did🙄. Bring on the thinking before acting lessons!


After a massage, a cup of tea and a few rows of my knitting, it was off to trivia.

What I knew tonight:

who was the actor who drove Miss Daisy?

Morgan Freeman

What was Mark Twain’s real name?

Samuel L. Clements

What do women hunt?


We did horrible on the music round.

What was Kesha’s real name?


What is helium?

A Noble gas

Who won a football game on Sunday?

Minnesota Vikings

What was explorer Cook’s first name?


Who played Peter Pan I’m Hook?

Robin Williams

What were the two characters in the Odd Couple?

Oscar and Felix

What is the aurora Borealis?

Northern lights

What is the first season in Vivaldi’s Four Seasons?


In which state did Woodstock take place?

New York

Name the first seven words of Jack and Diane?

A little ditty bout Jack and Diane


Not horrible, but I did have a treat.

Hard boiled egg on rice cake, yogurt, plum, salad with chorizo sausage, some “Good Food” crackers/chips, hard boiled egg, salmon and veggies

Well I’m off to bed!

Have fun!


The First Day

I realize school started a week ago, but today was my first day with my class for the year. I was super nervous about it.


I got out this morning for my morning run and managed to be out the door at 6:30 so I’m happy with that as I didn’t want to have to get up any earlier! I got 3.47km in. I really want to make sure that on non-work days I get more mileage in so my body doesn’t get used to only doing 3km. At least this 3km ensures I am still on track this week:)

This evening I got a little bit of weight work done, 3 sets of 12 of the following:

Bicep curls, squats, front raises, calf raises, tricep kickbacks, bridge, shoulder press, deadlifts, sit ups, and Russian twists.


It was a truly exhausting day because I had to teach absolutely everything! We came in and sat down and I taught how to use the coatroom. We did a talking circle and everyone introduced themselves. 8/21 children challenged themselves to come up with something they liked that starts with the same letter as their name. Not bad for a straight grade one. I taught the bathroom routine, the recess routine, we read a story called First Day Jitters which I always love. We also read No David and brainstormed our rules. I always post the rules and have the children sign them and I had one little girl who didn’t plan on signing them because she didn’t plan on following them. Can you guess that this was the same girl who drove me nuts all day with her attitude and learned helplessness!!!

The children finally went home and I got to sit through a very painful staff meeting where nothing seemed to be decided and then did some more prep for tomorrow. I got home extremely late:(


I got a few rows done on my sweater:)


A hard boiled egg, a mini kind bar, salad with chorizo sausage, grapes, cherry tomatoes and crackers.

Well I’m off to bed!

Have fun!


Quiet and Bookclub

It was a pretty quiet day but still nice as I had my mom for company.


I met up with the group for a run this morning and ended up doing circles around Brenda as otherwise she would have been on her own. I still got 4.5km in and had a nice visit. I’m happy it was a bit more as that gives me a little cushion this week.


I stopped on the way home at Costco and couldn’t believe how busy it was already when it had only been open for a few minutes! I guess it’s never quiet. I grabbed a new planner as it was driving me nuts to not have one!


Still just doing stockinette in the round on the Not a Boring Sweater.


I had Bookclub tonight and plums were mentioned in the book we read so I did a plum upside down cake. It turned out tasty but not pretty as the batter went below the plums so they ended up being in the middle:(


This morning I finished the book for Bookclub. It was How to Stop Time by Matt Haig. I really enjoyed this book as it’s about a group of people who don’t age as quickly as others and so end up living hundreds of years. I guess the history geek in me liked all the historical aspects and I liked the premise of being able to see what happens to the world over a long period of time. A lot of the women in Bookclub didn’t love it as they wanted more action or felt that he was a whiny main character. I would recommend it if you like history:)


Bookclub was fun as always and really great to see everyone as I think I missed the last one. I’m glad it didn’t go late though as I was tired driving there and home!

It’s always a feast at Bookclub!

Well I have ten minutes to knit another row before bed.

Have fun!


No answers

Well today was a bit disappointing in one way.


I looked and realized today’s run needed to be 5.5km to make up my missing mileage this week. I was feeling super tired and didn’t want to go, but did. It was nothing spectacular, but it is another 5.52km done:)


I had my follow up appointment today and it was seriously disappointing! My iron is at 6 when it’s supposed to be over 100. The doctor figured that is what is causing my problems. I get to take iron pills for three months and see if it helps.

All this appointment did was confirm that I will be looking for a new doctor! He asked me why I was there when the office called me, he didn’t want to know anything about me, and he never looked up from his computer. No thank you!


I got to try another new restaurant today for lunch – Yoga Chef . I had the Flow bowl with avocado added in. It was so yummy!!!!

Roast cumin potatoes, black beans, salsa, sprouts, parsley, pickled jalapeños. Roasted garlic vegan aioli. So fresh and good and filling!

Today I also had a rice cake Pb & j, a mini kind bar, cucumber and cheese.


I had my mom for company on my errands, so started by making the trek to my favourite nursery- Amsterdam for some Fall colour for my deck. Katherine out there has been amazing at suggesting plants that have worked great for me. I loved how happy my summer plants made me so decided I needed to continue to have colour out there. I got some Dragon’s breath Celosia, coleus, and pansies. My deck looks great again:)

I also stopped into a few other places, but wasn’t very successful.

I did manage to book our flights for Christmas though:)


I am on the body and love how this pattern gives directions for both a fitted and loose body. I’m enjoying knitting, but can’t wait to wear Not a Boring Sweater!


Just trying to finish up my Bookclub book, How to Stop Time by Matt Haig.

Well I have to go back to reading!

Have fun!


1 Down, 39 to Go

Lol not that I’m wishing life away, but this week was tough!


This morning was a workout with L and it felt great to get back at it. We did a half hour of hills on the treadmill and I finally thought of adding that to my running mileage. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought to do that before!!! We then did squats, squat walks, crunches, plank toe taps, goblet squats with two minutes of cardio between each routine.

On the walk home I decided that I think I’m going to use my Saturday runs to catch up on any mileage I’ve missed during the week. This way I don’t need to worry about it during the week and yet I can get caught up each week. Again, why didn’t I think of this before?


We got our class lists today. Everyone looks at me and just shakes their heads, though all but one of the classes is like this is in my school. I really dislike when I get punished for being able to do my job!

This year I would like to keep track of what I do in my classroom that works well, in case any teachers follow me and are interested. These are the activities that the kids were really engaged in:

We had last year’s class so had to find engaging activities that their new teachers wouldn’t want to do. We did a nature hunt where they had to record one item that started with each letter of the alphabet. For example a leaf for L.

We had a September survey where they had to go around and ask their classmates questions to find one person who had done each item in the boxes on the page. Hey could only ask one question of each person and then had to go away and ask someone else. They spent almost an hour doing this and were upset when recess interrupted it.

We read the story Carumba which was great about how everyone is good at something.

We also wrote a top five list of what we’re excited about this year.

As far as my goals go- I got two files organized this week, and finished the work week 0.2lbs lighter- not bad for a stressful week. I’m not sure if I talked less and listened more, but I did refrain from signing up for a ton of extra curricular activities.🤷🏼‍♀️

Blog Hop:

My grade 4,6 and 7 teacher made a definite difference in my life. In grade two I hanged schools and it wasn’t a particularly welcoming group of children I came into, in fact they were pretty horrible. My teacher made a quick appearance as a TOC this year and then came back as my teacher for three other years. It was great as he showed interest in who I was and made me feel like someone cared and thought it was okay that I was who I was. He definitely encouraged me in all of my pursuits and crazy ideas. He is also definitely the reason I became a teacher!

Thanks to Teacher Turned Mommy for hosting this blog hop and be sure to check out hers and others posts on Back to School.


After watching several parents freak out about their child’s class placement a few of us teachers escaped to the local pub for some snacks and a glass of sangria. It was lovely to get away! I am lucky to have a great set of friends I work with who keep me sane!


I divided for my sleeves on the Not a Boring Sweater and had to send a picture in as it is a test knit. I am really liking it so far!


Well I have to say I’ve been happy with myself for resisting all the treats at work this week. Today I had a rice cake with Pb & j. A Pb & j granola bar, yogurt, the rest of my steelhead romesco, my share of some appetizers, and a scoop of ice cream ( I walked over to Vashti Rose with Brady and Lyndsay).

Well I’m going back to my knitting.

Have fun!


Summer Bucket List Recap

This was my summer bucket list that I wrote with the children on June 24, 2019.

Walk on the beach- Yes i got to walk on French Beach which was new to me.

Read on my patio- have definitely done a lot of that, and even knitted on my deck. I have so enjoyed having my four pots of plants to look at:)  I need to add some Fall plants so I can keep this going.

Go trail running- did lots of this with the clinic I took and by myself.

Visit my parents – I went twice just to make sure they knew I was there LOL

Go on a road trip – to Sointulla and Alert Bay

Go to Sechelt- had an absolute fabulous time with my running buddies.

Make ice cream

Go to Canada Day celebrations- had a great day with friends

Stay in bed drinking tea- definitely did lots of this!

Bake on rainy days- I didn’t bake a lot because I was trying to be super healthy, but I did manage to get my Sally’s Baking Challenge successfully completed.

Can fruit – I didn’t can any plain fruit, but definitely made and canned a lot of jam

Pick berries- I bought my raspberries this year, but did get out to pick some blackberries

Go to Seattle- had a great time with my friends

Visit my brother- I did get a quick visit in, but there’s never enough time with family.

Watch Gus play football- not yet as he hasn’t had a game yet and he told me practice is really boring

Workout lots- definitely did a lot of running, but not as many weight workouts as I would have liked.

Have a picnic

Go on a hike- finally got to enjoy Westwood Lake

Meet friends for fun stuff- did lots of stuff with a variety of friends

Walk along Main Street- I did this right away this summer with my friend

Explore Commercial Drive

Go on a bike ride-my friends can talk me into doing anything

Use my herbs – I used lots of my herbs in my manicotti

Go for ice cream- found my new favourite called Vashti Rose

Knit 2 sweaters- I got this black cardigan and this striped tee done

Visit new yarn and book stores – Oh I definitely covered this goal as I have now visited every yarn store on Vancouver Island and a post will be coming out solely about this… mainly so I can remember why to visit each one

Go to a farmers market- this is the first short visit I had at a Farmer’s Market and then I went to a large juried craft fair while I was in Sechelt

Try a new restaurant – Oh I found three awesome new restaurants on Vancouver Island that offered gluten free and dairy free. I had seafood, chinese and an awesome brunch.

Help on my parent’s house – nope not a thing because it was hanging in the air

Play with Anna’s kids at the park – I had a couple of awesome visits, but there’s never enough time with these cuties!

See as many friends as possible- I definitely tried to see everyone and even got a coffee in with my friend Michelle, who is Life of a Canadian Girl on WordPress

Work on my cross stitch – didn’t even touch the bag:(

Make my Christmas presents – I had all of the supplies and yet didn’t do any, so figure I need to come up with a different idea

Watch movies- watched a lot of movies while dogsitting for my brother this last weekend. What else can you do with a dog permanently attached to you?

Check out a new library – nope:(  I don’t know what it is that when I am out with others, they won’t let me into libraries or bookstores ( do you think I have a problem???) LOL

Go shopping – oh I definitely shopped my way through the summer, and finished with a big back to school shopping trip where I found 22 new things to wear to school! I have already worn 4, but need to get rid of another 14 to keep my closet in stasis.


Well that’s a pretty good look at my summer and I’m happy with how much I accomplished:)

Have fun!


A Light at the End of the Tunnel

It’s been quite the week, but we saw progress today:)


I got out again this morning for a run, but just did 2.9km because I had a run planned for tonight. Unfortunately I was too late getting home from work so even though I had extra mileage planned, I ended up short. I should just know to do the whole thing in the morning, just in case!


So it has been a very stressful week due to a lack of communication. We had been told that our school organization may be changing but then nothing further was said. My teaching partner was then told she’d have six major issues in her class, which of course caused her a lot of worry! We have heard nothing for about two days and then finally at the end of the day we were given our proposed class lists. Unfortunately I am still not teaching the same as my colleague ☹️ but we have decided to continue to collaborate anyways. At this time it appears that I e gotten the short end of the stick☹️. 21 students- 13 boys, 8 girls and seven major problems. It’s going to be quite the year! What drives me nuts is that three people who don’t work with any of the children have spent two days creating this organization when it could have been better done and more quickly done if the teachers (the experts on these children) had been asked!!!!😖😖😖😖😖😖😖 I will stop now as I could keep going with all my grievances for several more pages, but I’ll just say that it’s been painful and exhausting this week and it doesn’t appear it’s going to improve!

Blog Hop:

I missed yesterday, but loved meeting new people through the Teacher Turned Mommy blog hop so I’ll do another tonight:)

My favourite school supply. Oh this is a tough one for me as I really do love all things stationary! As a kid I really wanted smelly markers, but knew there wasn’t the money for them, so when I started at the school I’m at now, I bought myself a set. I use them to make all of my chart papers and they make me smile daily:)

I also love sharpies! I like how they come in so many cool colours and how nicely they print!

Sticky notes would probably be the third item I would choose as I love how they come in bright colours, and a zillion different sizes so I can colour code everything:)

I’m sure I could go on and on, but I’ll stop with those three cool supplies. Make sure you check out Teacher Turned Mommy and Ally Bean!


After a very late evening of planning I came home to make dinner (after my mom told me not to run again). I had ordered a meal through Fresh Prep as I have a friend who orders each week. I thought this would be a good week to try it and ordered Steelhead Romanesco. It was definitely something new for me to make.

All the ingredients come in pre-portioned containers. It did seem like a lot of plastic waste:(. It took me exactly 23 minutes to make the dish which was just under the 25 the recipe called for. The recipe was easy to follow and only had seven steps.

The dinner turned out delicious! I was hoping to get four meals out of it, but only got two and some extra rice. At least I will have lunch tomorrow.

I can see myself doing this again as I enjoyed cooking and it was quick enough for a week night since they do the grocery shopping and some of the prep. There wasn’t a whole lot of thought required.


With not running, I got some time to knit and managed the last five rows of the yoke that are just plain knitting. I sure hope I get a chance to separate for sleeves tomorrow!

Well I need sleep as I’m getting up early for a workout.

Have fun!


The First Day/ Trivia Tuesday # 20

It was back to work for me today!


Amazingly I managed to get up at 6:15 to get out for a run. It didn’t go completely according to plan because I didn’t get out until 6:38. I think tomorrow I have to try it again but not allow myself to look at WordPress until I am stretching!  The late start did mean that I didn’t get to go as far, so only 3.18km this morning, but that does mean I am only 2.7km behind. I’m supposed to run with Dennis on Thursday night so that should be taken care of then:)  It was busy this morning as I saw 8 people out on the path at that time.


I was at work with plenty of time to spare, though I had already spilled my tea all over my hand and foot:(  We had a meeting, then the children for half an hour (it was awesome to see them), then another meeting for two hours and had two hours as prep for the week.  It seemed to be a busy day, but not too bad.  I like that it was agreed that we will have last year’s class for this week, which really simplifies matters.  Unfortunately, at this point, it doesn’t look like I am going to get to teach the same as Liane this year:(  I will continue to keep my fingers crossed something changes though!

Blog Hop

I am joining Teacher Turned Mommy for her September blog hop:)  So the first day of school…

This truly is the start of a new year for me, much more so than January.  Every year I have high hopes of all the things I am going to accomplish, but I also have anxiety about what my class will be like, whether I will be able to teach them all to read, what problems or drama will occur this year, etc?

However, with it being the first day of my school year I want to think about my goals for this year. I want to go through at least forty file folders (that’s one per week and I did get one done today😀), I want to avoid work weight gain (my weight today better be the highest of the year!) and I want to talk less and listen more. I am sure I will come up with many more things I want to do this year, but this will have to do for now.

Thanks Lori for putting this together.


After a quick stop at the library, I have started my Bookclub book of How to Stop Time by Matt Haig. Let’s hope I can get it done by Sunday!


It was again just the three of us tonight, but here’s what I knew…

The Sandra Bullock film about space?


What pet did Hermione get in The Prisoner of Azkhaban?


What is a word that goes with prime?


Put three grades of oil in order of thickness?

5w20, 10w,30, 10w,40

What is the name of the bridge from PEI to the mainland?


Which African country has no coastline?


What band is Gwen Stefani in?

No Doubt

I got the fraction question.

Who sang We Are The World?

USA for Africa

Which actress was in When Harry Met Sally?

Meg Ryan

Rainman has to go home to watch which show at 3pm?

People’s Court

Who founded MCDonalds?

Ray Kroc

What is bad breath known as?


Who painted the Sistine Chapel?


well I’m late to bed, so that’s it for me!

Have fun!


Goodbye Holiday

I can’t say goodbye summer because summer doesn’t actually end until September 23rd.

After a frustrating final walk with Mr. Banks and a good belly rub, I headed home to meet up with my mom.

She spent the day hemming more of my pants (wow it’s like I have a whole new wardrobe) while I tidied my spare room so we could actually get into it. The room is only partially done, but even that made me happier. And yes I know how to hem pants, but my mom does a way better job of it and I prefer to quilt.


I finished the yoke on my test knit- Not a Boring Sweater! I’m so happy I got the yoke done before school started. Now I can do stockinette in the round forever more when I get home at night.


I finally got back to weights after a month away from them. It was sad to see how much strength I’ve lost😢. I also didn’t want to push too hard as I’ve definitely noticed that I don’t recover well right now and seem to stay sore for a long time. Another thing to ask the doctor about, I guess.

I did 3 sets of 12 reps of the following:

Shoulder press- 7 lbs

Front raises- 4 lbs

Overhead tricep extension- 7 lbs

Bicep curls- 5 lbs

Bent over rows- 7 lbs

Flies- 5lbs

Chest press – 7lbs

Dead bugs-2lbs

Stability ball sit ups

Deadlift- 7lbs

Squats- 7lbs

Inner thigh squeeze with stability ball

Well my lunch is ready for tomorrow as our my clothes, so I guess all I have to do now is go to bed.

Have fun!


The Last Weekend

Well it’s my last day off for summer 2019 and it’s been a very different weekend. I am house and dog sitting for my brother so have been coming and going and without all my “stuff” all weekend.


I ran on Saturday morning with Sarah and did a loop of coquitlam River. It was nice to have company for a change and the 4.5km was bonus for the month. I ended up with 104.9km for the month so I’m happy about that. It gives me about a 10km buffer for the last four months.

I also ran Sunday but in a different way. My friend Brenda is just getting back to running after finding out her orthotics were made wrong. How frustrating to hear four years of pain we’re due to human error. Sunday was her first day of a run walk program so Dennis and I did loops around her to make sure we were there to run her one minute with her. It was great to have Brenda back and I still got 4.2km In so I was happy!

Unfortunately there has been no other exercise as Mr. Banks likes to “help” if I try to do any in the house. I guess the weight workout gets back on track starting tomorrow.

Family/ Shopping:

I have been spending as much time as possible with my mom and am really excited that she can’t leave after her appt tomorrow and actually has to stay until Saturday! I will have to make sure I see her each day while I can!

Saturday we only had a short time so I stopped by the big Signature Liquor Store to pick up some wine. If you like a sweet wine- try out the Naked Grape Blue it Purple. I love it and never lose my wine at parties because of the colour. It seems to only be a summer thing though so I wanted to make sure I had a bottle of each for the next parties I go to.

I also managed to get my back to school hair cut on Saturday. Nobody will ever be able to tell, but yearly hair cut✅

On Sunday we spent a lot of time back to school shopping. I’m just like a kid and like to get something new to wear when I go back to school. We managed to find quite a few nice things:)


Haven’t done much this weekend as there always seems to be a nose between me and the book.


I unpicked to row 59 and redid row 60 with no problem, but my brother’s house was too dark to start row 61 as I couldn’t see if the pattern was lining up.

I tried to start a project for my Harry Potter group on Ravelry, but quickly determined that I hated the yarn, so it will be going in the donation bin when I get home.


I have watched a lot of movies- one thing you can do when you have a puppy on you.

Falling Inn Love- a Netflix original was a very sweet and funny romantic comedy. I really liked the banter between the two main characters- their timing was great! The supporting cast of quirky townsfolk where good too. Of course, the whole house DIY concept of the movie totally appealed to me.

For Love and Honor- a Hallmark movie was a sweet, but really unbelievable movie. As a teacher, I spent the whole movie wondering which planet they were on as kids don’t accommodate change that easily. I kept waiting for the pain in the butt kid to show up.

Season For Love- a super cute movie about a BBQ festival. All the bbqing made me so hungry! It was a cute movie with no overblown drama which I appreciated.

The One and Only was a Hallmark movie about a woman who is on a reality dating show and falls for her ranch host rather than her husband candidate. It was cute but didn’t seem to have much character development. I know that she was supposed to have much better chemistry with one than the other, but it was really hard to tell.

Well I’m off to spend one last day with my mom.

Have fun!