A pretty good day:)


I wasn’t there to meet my class this morning as I was in a meeting and it threw me off all day. Of course I had also forgotten to tell my class I had changed their desks, so I guess we were all off!

We tackled printing this morning, started our home reading program, worked on our math number printing book and finished the day by finding signs of Fall outside.

Not a perfect day, not a horrible day, just another day at work done.


I put off my run until after work as I had to get the calendar ready for the new month this morning. It was a good decision though because it was a gorgeous afternoon. I got 4.6km in. It wasn’t my fastest run as my calves were killing me. I don’t know if it’s from all the stairs yesterday or if it was the heels I wore today.

One of the best parts of the run was I got to wear my new Goodr sunglasses today and they worked great! I had no idea my other glasses bounced so much until I wore these. It also worked well wearing these with my aftershocks headphones.


A pretty good day! I had:

2 rice cakes and Pb & j


Pasta with sausage and kale

Mini kind bar

Salmon and veggies


It was just three of us and I was super annoyed that our usual table was taken by non-trivia players😖😖😖

What I knew:

What letters are given in the final round of Wheel of Fortune?


What song has been done by spatula Clarke and Macklemore?


Where did the Sound of Music take place?


What was the job of Sandra Bullock’s character in Miss Congeniality?

FBI agent

Which soap opera was Alex Baldwin in?

Knots Landing

Who won in football this Sunday?

Tennessee Titans

Which animal wasn’t in Animal Farm?


How many minutes are there in a day?


I just felt like I knew nothing tonight:(

Well I’m off to bed with my empty head.

Have fun!


19 thoughts on “Trivia Tuesday #24

  1. I didn’t know about Spider not being in the Animal Farm! I love reading about your trivia Tuesdays.
    Glad the glasses are performing well, still chuckling about the name 😎😁

  2. Aren’t Goodr’s amazing?! It’s crazy how they truly don’t move on your head during a run. I want so many of them since they’re great if I’m playing with Bailey outside since I don’t have to worry about them falling off.

    I had no clue that Alex Baldwin was in a soap opera. Those were some pretty good questions for trivia.

      1. It was like when we bought a Trivial Pursuit game – once through it you knew the answers to the cards, but first … I had no clue to many of them. That’s why I never got into “Jeopardy” – I do terribly. I am better at “Wheel of Fortune”!

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