I still love thinking of Thursday as this. The day definitely wasn’t as good as yesterday!


I had a new poem to introduce today, but first I took the opportunity to review with the children the words they learned through reading last week’s poem. The kids loved being able to get up and point to a word they learned. Our new poem is much shorter but it still has plenty of sight words for them to learn!

I finally got to introduce the number words concentration game, but that was it because of my library prep.

This afternoon it was a continuation of art and while they were super noisy, the art is actually turning out quite beautiful!

It was in the last twenty minutes that everything fell apart. Kids not listening, and I had to teach how to wash hands as they had soap spilling out of the sink. I feel like I’m teaching preschool so far this year:(


I got home, dropped off a tablecloth to a woman who had bought it and then went back to working on my triple check stitch. Right now I think it’s going to be a length somewhere between a cowl and a scarf. I love it, but if anyone has an idea of what I can do with a scarf width item this length, I’d appreciate the idea!


I went out trail running in the dark with a new group tonight. Don’t worry, my usual running buddy Dennis was there too! It was great to get out and though I was worried about being able to keep up, I had no problems with that. It was pretty neat afterwards to realize I did 6.87km without any real thought:)

This is the River I ran around though it was much darker tonight.


I have had three extra grapes today, but I’m not beating myself up about that! I realized today that I definitely have a more difficult time sticking to my plan in the morning. I seem to spend the whole morning hungry. However, when I started thinking about it, I wonder if it has to do with the stress of starting the day. It is very chaotic and I never know how my students are going to be, so it could be some emotional or stress eating too. So far, I have managed to resist:). Today I’ve had:

2 rice cakes with Pb & j


Sausage and kale pasta

Salad greens with cheese and a wiener

3 grapes🤣

This is what happens when I cook a meal on Sunday- I end up eating it all week!

Well I have an early workout so I’m going to bed!

Have fun!


19 thoughts on “Friday Eve

    1. Lol yes some classes never really get to where I want them to be, but in grade one we usually see a big jump in ability after Christmas and after spring break. 🤞🏻

  1. Watch out, 3 grapes is the beginning of a downhill slide to chips and popcorn! 🤣🤣🤣

    You are “disgustingly healthy” as you once put it. Total inspiration 😉

  2. So if you are still hungry in the mornings, what about swapping out the rice cakes for two boiled eggs if you can get some good ones? I have your problem in the afternoon, but I find having protein for lunch can solve it.

  3. You’re always soo creative with your classroom learning activities!! Glad to hear the knitting is still going strong  So glad the run went well with the new group!! Meals for the week are always the best. I thank my past self whenever that happens for thinking ahead, lol. Have a great weekend, AJ!

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