I had a great day, but was really torn! I wanted to stay home on my bonus day off as I think that always makes the day feel longer, but I also had errands to do and wanted to get my treat for another five days of good eating!


I might as well start here. I decided to have my leftover turkey sandwich for breakfast so that I wouldn’t spend the whole day thinking, “I want a turkey sandwich!” It was really good. I actually ended up finishing my turkey and dressing at lunch:)

I’ve also had two rice cakes with cream cheese and jam and a bowl of popcorn. I love being an adult and being able to have popcorn for dinner if I want to!


I had the goal of finishing my daddy-son hat test knit today so spent a lot of time knitting on it. Thankfully it’s simple enough to listen to podcasts while I do that.

I did end up getting the toque done!

Sorry for the bad night picture, but I think it will be super cute!


It was great to not have to jump out of bed early for my run and I actually ended up going out mid morning. I managed 6.19km at a 6:41/km average. It’s neat to see hat consistently running really has brought improvements as I wasn’t trying to run fast today, but still didn’t have any kilometers at even 7min. Yay!

I did a few exercises tonight- squats, front kicks, back kicks, calf raises, jabs, crosses. Not as much as I wanted to do, but at least something.

Household/ Errands:

Staying home won out over leaving the house, though I did run across the street to vote. It took 45 minutes!!! It was great to see so many people had come out to vote, but having to wait in that line-up almost convinced me to skip it this year!

I also got my dishes done and the windows and mirrors cleaned. I have seen that Maureen Gets Real has a timetable of cleaning and I decided to give it a try. It was great to have a job done in no time that will hopefully keep my house looking clean all the time!


The secretary at work had loaned me The Help so I watched that this evening. It was quite the movie and I enjoyed it.

Well tomorrow it’s back to the classroom.

Have fun!


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