Today definitely felt better than yesterday!


We got through calendar and I set up the parent reading during my prep. I only have four parents this year, but that makes for some extra practice for the kids, hopefully at least once a week they will each get to read. I so wish there was a magic solution to learning to read, but a lot of it is just practice and time with books.

We also tackled greater than and less than again today and the kids did great. I kept it mostly to talking about the alligator eating the bigger number, but they seemed to get that. I also came up with a quick game to practice. I often wonder what teachers did before there was the card game war? I swear you can practice almost every math skill with that game!

This afternoon we started out directed drawing turkeys, but both Liane and I forgot which website we had used in the past and I don’t think this activity is going to turn out as cute as it has in the past:(

The best part of the day for me was that there were no big problems on the playground and one of my boys now knows all of his sounds!


After getting some laminating done after school, I headed out for a run. It was raining horribly and I really didn’t want to go, but I forced myself too. I love how my mom didn’t let me off the hook as when I texted to whine to her, she just told me to suck it up and go🤣

I got just over 3km in which is slightly short of what I’m supposed to do, but I’ll make up for it tomorrow when I go out with the group. I had a pretty good pace though both Achilles were sore going up the hills:(


I have done a bit of knitting on the shawl tonight while listening to podcasts, but didn’t quite get as much done as I wanted to.

I did however get a project page made for my daddy-son hat test knit. I tried it on tonight and I think it’s going to make a great running hat.

The pattern is called Daddy-Son hat by Zanete Knits and I used Ancient Arts Yarns Socknado in Cats Eye Cobalt. It is knit top down with a new to me cast on method and it knit up super quick!


I was really enjoying reading my new Knit Simple magazine, but had to stop in order to read the kids Bookclub book as I have to be done by Friday. I may take it to work tomorrow and see if I can finish it off there.


I have had a really good eating day and my mom said I could colour in yesterday too as fish and chips isn’t the end of the world. Today I’ve had:

Oatmeal with peanut butter (yes I am a creature of habit)


Turkey, stuffing and vegetables

Celery with cream cheese, celery stalk and carrot with hummus and guacamole to dip them in

Rice cake with cream cheese and jam

I’m going to have to start thinking about what I want to get myself next!

Well I’m going to go read something I want to read now!

Have fun!


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