Ugh why do I let myself derail myself????


Today wasn’t too bad at work. We had an earthquake drill in the pouring rain- always fun with grade ones! We managed to put a sheet of paper in our duo-tangs, so Calendar, compile a list of items that starts with the letter f, copy the planner message independently, silent read and finish our turkeys.

The best parts of the day- another student now knowing all of his letter sounds, and how engaged the students were when painting their turkeys. This group seems to really love art!

These are some of them and while I don’t love them as much as the ones we did Last time, I think they are still pretty cute!


I finished the kids Bookclub book which is Sled Dog School. The book was a quick read- only two nights. It tells of a kid who has to start a business for his math class. I liked how it was stressed that he had different skills from others and that that made him unique and valuable. However, the project was completely unrealistic and the teacher drove me nuts and the fact the kid never asked for help or thought about what he was going to teach before doing it!😖. I’m sure the kids will like it though and I did learn things about sled dogs which was interesting.


I met up with the group for a run in the rain tonight. We were talking about the fact that if you don’t run in the rain around here, you’d never run! We got 4.44km which was enough for me as they were super fast kilometers. It drives me nuts that that speed isn’t reflected in my Runkeeper because we have to stop and wait for people. Ugh I guess I’ll get over it though.


I have been once again working on my shawl and I’m going back to it now.


I’m a little mad at myself because I didn’t stick with the plan:(

I’ve had:

Oatmeal with peanut butter


Turkey, stuffing, roast veggies

Pack of honey stinger chews (had these during the afternoon as I was hungry, but they weren’t part of the plan☹️

2 mini baked potatoes and a hamburger patty (the hamburger patty wasn’t part of the plan either).

I was hungry today and I’m thinking I may have lost weight if I had stuck with the plan!😖I guess I will see the damage tomorrow.

Have fun!


12 thoughts on “Just A Little Mad at Myself

  1. Be gentle with yourself. I’m on vacation and I’m not even counting the calories at this point. I’m sure I’ve put on a few pounds, but I’ll get back on track when I return. There’s always tomorrow!

  2. Love the turkeys! I had the most interesting chat with a friend of mine yesterday. Her daughter is a first year art teacher at the elementary school, and I would love to see what she does with the kids. The only concept I could visualize was that she does lots of layering so the projects take 3-4 sessions to complete, but they are amazing. Each layer is teaching a concept. It was a huge light bulb moment for me! The example I remember was for 3rd or 4th graders…they did the background, worked on 3-D by drawing a beaker, self portraits as mad scientists, and secondary color by making potions in the beakers. I’m going to find out what she does with her little ones.
    As for the eating plan, today is a new day! I am working to get myself back on track too, and have set a goal, so I’m focusing on what goes into my mouth, and hoping it shows on the scale in a couple of weeks. Hoping the same for you!

    1. Oh that sounds like very interesting art. We try to teach a concept each art class, but it’s pretty simple. So far just warm versus cool colours.
      I’m just trying to make each day be as good as I can and hopefully the scale takes care of itseld

  3. The book sounds like a great read for kids! I love that it talks about the main character being different from people with his individual skills. The turkeys are very cute and probably add a fun focal point in the room.

  4. Sounds like a good day! Take it easy on yourself about the eating. You are doing exceptionally well overall, and a little bit extra here and there is not going to do any damage. You are doing great with running and keeping to your plans!

    1. Thank you:). I ended up colouring in Thursday cause I realized I only added protein, but I just couldn’t color in Friday with the gingersnaps. They were even store bought so not worth the indulgence- wish I had saved up for ice cream!!!
      I’m hoping it will show at some point!

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