It was quite the day!


I got up early and joined L for a workout. It did feel good to get it done. We did a half hour of intervals on the treadmill and I actually ran at a 7.6 for some of the intervals. That’s the fastest I’ve ever gone on a treadmill so I’m happy!

We then did squats, step ups, swing lunges, bicycles, reverse curls, sit ups, pull ups, and kneel to stand.

My legs felt like wet spaghetti on the walk home so it must have been a good workout!


We got through our last greater than less than worksheet and printing today. We also had buddies where the kids did stem bins with their older buddies and they were super engaged.

I had two more kids who managed all of the sounds, so I am down to working with four daily.

At recess I had two children pushing in the lineup. Both got spoken to and both got a note in their planner. Well I discovered ya planner time this afternoon that my lovely little girl had cut the note out of her planner😡. I walked right over and emailed her parents. Can you imagine if she is doing this in grade one what she will be like at fifteen!


I joined Brenda and Patti for knit night tonight and it was nice to have company. I am still just working on my scarf/shawl.


Today makes yesterday look good. What I’ve had:

Oatmeal with peanut butter




Turkey, veggies and stuffing

I had planned on going out for lunch since Lyndsay asked me if I wanted to this morning, but I didn’t plan on the gingersnaps. When I look at my calendar, I notice that it’s always Thursdays and Fridays that I mess up my eating on. That’s interesting- I wonder what I can do to fix that?

Well I’m going to finish my podcast and do a few more rows.

Have fun!


14 thoughts on “Knit Night or 7 Weeks Done, 33 To Go

      1. You are so xconsistent, though, I bet the second grade teacher sings your praises daily! I hope you get to see some of the payoff from your behavior investment before Christmas!

      2. Oh I hope so. I’m finding it difficult to find something to like about this little girl and I don’t like that!

  1. Goodness, that kid is pushing, isn’t she? Well good that you emailed her parents – hopefully that will result in some improvements in her behavior. You are doing great with your exercise!

    1. I’m hoping it will get better but I need to figure out what to say to the parents next week. I think the solution has to come from home so she’ll realize it’s over-arching

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