I have come to realize that a list I made on Friday has completely driven my weekend!


Today was a retro river run. We have run Coquitlam River in a regular basis but our route changed a couple of years ago. A new subdivision was put in and new trails were added, and we have consistently taken these new and shorter trails since then. Today I forced Dennis to run the old route as I have been feeling like I’m getting complacent in my running. By taking the old route we added three quarters of a kilometer to the run which I think is a good start to upping my mileage. I had a slow start as my rear end was still sore from my Friday workout, but managed to end respectably.

I noticed while I was running today that my Achilles weren’t bothering me. I am wondering if it’s the different shoes I wore today. My street runners right now are saucony, but today I wore my trail shoes which are ASICS. I’ll have to ask at the running store if this could solve the sore Achilles problem I’ve been having lately.


I made a couple of quick stops to pick up groceries and ran into my friend Corianne. I always love visiting with her family!

I decided to try out a recipe my friend Sarah told me about this week. It’s Egg Roll in a Bowl and will be my dinners this week. It was super easy to put together and looks very yummy. I didn’t add any salt to it, but I’m still worried that my weight will balloon all week as it has soy sauce in it and I’m super salt sensitive ☹️


I finished Seduction on a Snowy Night today. This is an anthology of three Christmas stories.

Thank you to the authors, publisher and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I think this book makes a lovely festive read but would also be nice for any winter night.

The first story started slow for me and I found it tough to get invested in, but it did improve by the end.

The second story was a familiar trope, but I loved the characters and the banter between them. I also enjoyed the background cast of a loving family in this story.

The third story was also very enjoyable and had a few surprise twists that I didn’t see coming.

In the end, this was a very enjoyable and satisfying read.


I have again spent most of the day knitting. Thankfully I went and bought my blocking mats, cleaned my fridge, blocked my scarf and washed my mitts before I sat down to my needles.

I spent some time searching for a market bag pattern as that’s what I want to make my friends for Christmas this year. I found Plymouth Yarns Fantasy Naturale Market Bag. I started it and then realized I didn’t like how open the stitching was and that I had lost a stitch, so I pulled it out. I’ve started again with a needle two sizes smaller and so far I’m liking it much better.

These are my cowl and my scarf (sorry for the bad night picture of the scarf).

I realized late this afternoon that my knitting frenzy is probably caused by my making a list. At knit night I had jotted down all the knitting projects that were floating around in my head. Unfortunately I’m the type of person that once something is on a list I become very focused on accomplishing the task so I can cross it off the list. This is the exact reason I don’t make monthly goals, etc because my life comes to revolve around that list!🤪

Hopefully my hands survive this list!


I haven’t been bad, but I have t been according to plan either:(

Honey stinger Running chews

Carrot crisps with cheese

Tuna poke salad ( the soy sauce is going to play havoc with me)

Slice of apple bread

Salad with vegan cheese cubes

I just can’t have exciting food in my house:(. I had picked up a box of Okanagon Rawsome carrot crackers at the store this morning and then proceeded to eat way more than I planned. If they hadn’t been there, I would have been fine. Thankfully I decided to save the last two to take to a parent at school or else I probably would have eaten the whole box:(

The one good thing is that I got more water flavour I g today so my water consumption has gone way up. Hopefully that continues!

Well I had an Emergen-c tonight and some cold fx as I feel like I’m fighting s cold, so I’m off to bed early.

Have fun!


26 thoughts on “The List Made Me Do It

  1. Well done on all your activities! I know what you mean about a list – I have this new journal to write my wellness plans in and it’s made me do my steps and my five fruit and veg a day, however I need not to get obsessed with it!

    Well done also for reading a Christmas book so early! I have one from NG, too, but it’s the second in a series (another set by the writer about Cornwall whose trilogy I read on holiday) so at least I have the summer one in paperback to read first and that one will probably be read in November!

  2. Hope you don’t come down with a cold! And different shoes have different stability, and ASICS are known for having more than usual, and the trail runners especially. It could be that they are what help with the Achilles. I’m curious what your friends at the running shop will say.

  3. Running your old route is a great idea! It’s always fun to run a new route or a route that you haven’t taken in a while. Changing the scenery is a nice mental change too. Although I say this and I run the same spot all the time now haha. I’ll have to find more trails soon.

  4. I love that stitch pattern on the blue project (I think it’s the market bag?) Is it a moss stitch? And I know what you mean. Sometimes lists help me get focused and push to do things and other times, I just really don’t want a list telling me what to do. lol

  5. You are so talented! I absolutely love saucony shoes for running. Love them! However, I also have achilles tendon issues. I guess it doesn’t hurt to switch shoe brands/styles every once in a while. One shoe might heal the problem for a while before switching back.

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