It was a slightly better day though I get tired of talking to the same people all the time!


We didn’t seem to get much done today, but had a lesson on short and long I. The video was done by a teacher and super cute!

I think that may have been the only work we did today as we had gym, got to preview the book fair and then went outside to play as it was our first nice day in weeks.

Well we did discuss our predictions and prior knowledge on the book The Pumpkin Blanket.


After decorating for Halloween in my classroom. I left early and got out for a run. I didn’t go as far as I had planned, but I got tired of dodging people. Obviously 4pm is the time to walk your dog! I got 3.32 km in at a decent pace so I’m happy:)


I finished my first market bag, but it was too dark for a picture so here’s a picture of my latest scarf.


What was the last name of the Cosby show family?


Who played Tinkerbell in Peter Pan?

Julia Roberts

What is the state closest to Cuba?


In which Italian City is the statue of David?


Which Harry Potter book was made into two movies?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Who has played the most NFL playoff games?

Tom Brady

What does GRC on the side of RCMP cars mean?

Gendarme Royals du Canada

What animal does eiderdown come from?


Put these seas in order North to South:

Baltic Sea, Black Sea, Red Sea

What body system is pulmonary?


If sheep go to heaven, which animal goes to hell?


Well I’m off to bed!

Have fun!


19 thoughts on “Trivia Tuesday # 27

  1. I often find myself mixed up with all the children when I go for a run as there are several schools around here. Why can I never learn when they start and finish?? Mind you, on Friday lunchtime there were primary school children everywhere, and that was a horrible reminder that the funding to schools has been cut so far that they have to close for a half-day on a Friday (causing chaos for parents, of course). Lovely knitting and I got a lot of the questions right!

    1. I thought it would be quiet at 4, but I should have known better as there are always people out here.
      That’s great you got a lot of the trivia!

  2. The shawl looks great! We (Max and I) got our walk in before the wind arrived this am. Now it’s snowing, but supposed to quit by 2 or 3. Weird weather, but it was good to get out!

    1. Thank you! I grabbed a picture today and decided on my next one. I’ve decided to do all different ones as I don’t like doing the same pattern over again

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