My day was so long and with each hour it became clearer that I was getting sick:(


I started the day off with a parent meeting again. I can’t say that I love starting my day this way!

We had a very different day as we had an assembly first thing this morning and then music (where I tried to compile my notes on students). We then coloured the odd and even numbers on the 100 chart and it was interesting to see who got the quick way and who didn’t. This afternoon we just had silent reading and buddy reading because we had an early dismissal.

I then proceeded to talk to talk to 9 different sets of parents. I felt like I was completely incoherent by the end, but nobody was out for my blood, so I guess we’ll say they went well.


I got home and wipes off my stove and sprayed my oven. Hopefully I keep my skin as the oven spray leaked onto my hand:(. I then happily sat down to knit. this is my first market bag. The yarn is Berrocco Linsey and the pattern is Fantasy Naturale Market Bag. It knit up really quickly and easily, but I’m a little worried that the handles won’t be long enough to be comfortable.

I have started my next one, which I am using the pattern Easy Netz for. We’ll see how it goes.


Not a horrible day! I need to be good every day until the end of the month to make 80%!

I’ve had:

2 rice cakes with Pb & j


Egg roll in a bowl salad


Chicken Caesar salad

The gingersnaps were planned as a treat before I faced all the parents.


Just 11 minutes of some basic aerobics. I’m just too exhausted tonight!

Have fun!


20 thoughts on “Hump Day

  1. You made it through a trying day! Almost every teacher I’ve ever known despised parent/teacher conferences. Not being willing to be a teacher myself, I was always on their side.

      1. I made a few market bags from plarn….only a bazillion hours of making the plarn and another bazillion to knit, only to give them all away. Next one I make I think I will use hemp or something similar.

        And I will keep it 😁

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