I really love thinking of Thursday that way!


It was another short day. We had Thunderous Thursday, calendar and learned a new Halloween poem.

We also brainstormed things that come in pairs as we are learning about even and odd numbers. I never would have thought of armpits🤣

This afternoon we really only had time for silent reading and buddy reading before the interviews began.

I met with six parents tonight as one didn’t show up. It was really interesting to meet my Little Miss Physical’s parents. They made me like her a lot better. I feel so sorry for them though as they’ve been battling this since she was really little and it sounds like they’ve been doing all the same things I would try. If anyone has any suggestions on how to stop a kid from putting her hands on other people – I’d love to hear them. She can tell us what she should do, but in the moment, she doesn’t follow through:(

I had sold an old Columbia jacket on Facebook and it turned out to be a mom at school who bought it. So her daughter made the swap today- felt kind of weird!


Working on my second market bag. I’m hoping to use up this colour as I’m already getting tired of this colour. I need a change!


There were 9 of us for the run tonight so it was great to get to move around and talk to so many different people. We did 4.53km which was enough for me. I think we had a decent pace, but they stop for walk breaks which I’m not used to. Oh well, it’s a run and even better it’s a run with company.


I think I’ve had another good day, though I’ve thought that for the last little while and my body sure isn’t rewarding me for my good behavior!

I’ve had: oatmeal with peanut butter, banana, chicken Caesar salad, small slice of apple bread, cucumber and cheese.


I’ve almost finished up cleaning my oven, but now I’ve run into the problem of my oven door not closing. I’ve walked away for tonight, but will give it another try in the morning before I call in my brother.

Ok I’m going to knit and listen to a podcast before bed.

Have fun!


21 thoughts on “Friday Eve

  1. I’ve been thinking about Miss Physical….have you ever heard of the 5 Love Languages? Could be hers is touch, and she automatically goes that direction when she is expressing friendship? I may be way off base, but it would explain why she can verbalize the instructions but fail to carry them out. Also, her brain is too young to comprehend someone else’s perspective, so that “logic” is like speaking Greek to her. Maybe this sparks an idea? At least you and the parents can be a team working on this, that has to make you feel better!

    1. Ooo Kathy I will for sure read up on that!!
      It did make me feel better to meet her parents and hear about all the things they’ve tried. They’ve been dealing this this right from the start and have carried through on their consequences and put her in lots of activities to socialize her.

  2. It’s nice to know the parents of that little girl are working on it! It must be hard a teacher to feel like you’re on your own with behavior issues. Hopefully you can all find a solution so she doesn’t touch people all the time.

  3. I used to think of Thursday night the same way when I was teaching. Reading about the “armpit thing” and even “Little Miss Physical” makes me miss the classroom!

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