It was a ProD day today, but it didn’t really seem any less busy!


I spent the day trying to figure out our new report cards which have to be done online. I finally figured out how to input the curriculum points, but I have no idea how you see what you have put in so far:( Plus, you have to do one subject and then the next which is not how I work! I usually decide what I need parents to know about their child and then write that one report card ensuring I mention those points, but I don’t get to do that now. There is also an auto-full function they suggest you use, but I’m afraid I’ll forget to go back and change the children’s I need to😳

I suppose it was somewhat helpful and productive, but it didn’t really feel like it.


After a lovely late lunch with Corianne and Lyndsay (I inhaled a Browns tuna poke bowl), I went to take my friend Kathryn shopping. She had texted me last night asking to go to the Helly Hanson store. I managed not to buy anything even with their big sale. I checked out Aldo too and managed not to buy anything there either! I did get some raisins and pumpkin seeds( supposedly high in iron) from Bulk Barn along with some packaged items for Monday. I was pretty impressed with myself.


I was even more impressed when I came home and took a closer look at the oven door and managed to fix it myself!!!


I decided not to run today as I was caught up on my mileage, but felt like I had to do something so I did an L workout called Skip To It. It had a lot of skipping along with squats with shoulder press, burpees, reverse curls, bicep curls, reverse lunges, crunches, mountain climbers, twisting mountain climbers and Spider-Man mountain climbers. It ended up being 28 minutes long, so I was happy with myself:)


I have had a pretty good eating day! I had oatmeal with Pb & j, slice of apple bread, tuna poke bowl and that’s it since I’m still full from the poke bowl!


I am literally 6 rows away from being done my second market bag, but figure I had better get some sleep as I have a busy day tomorrow.

Have fun!


13 thoughts on “ProD Day

  1. After reading many of your posts, I’m wondering if you live on the ground floor. I can’t imagine what it would be like to live below you and hear your extreme workouts. You are amazing, and I admire your dedication.

    1. Lol no I don’t live on the ground floor and I do worry that I’m too noisy. I do put a blanket on top of my carpet and stay on that to try and make it less noisy. One day when I see the guy who lives below me I should ask him if I’m too noisy

    1. Yes I need to get these market bags done so I can go back to knitting what I want!
      Yup the report cards so far, are frustrating:(

  2. The tech person should have some more insight on the new system to make it more functional for you. Those types of data bases should be adaptable like that. That market bag is a fast knit!

    1. It was decided to train one teacher per school, so I don’t have access to the tech people, and our school wont get their person trained until next week:(

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