I at last left the house so this post will hopefully be more interesting🤣


I met up with my co teacher this morning to attend a garage sale at a local private school. We like to see what the rich people are getting rid of. It didn’t seem as busy as it has in previous years, but boy did they have a lot of stuff!

I ended up getting a large deck of cards for showing the children card games, Nora Roberts books for my mom, a few books for my classroom, two Lululemon sports bras, two movies for the classroom, and an angel food cake pan. Not bad for $19:)


I spent the time between events finishing up my second market bag. This was the Easy Netz pattern, a free pattern on ravelry and it knitted up easily and quickly.

I definitely played yarn chicken with this one and just barely won!

I had started a hobo bag but wasn’t super happy with it, but I just thought of the fact that I have a knitting book on bags so maybe I will look there. I was super disappointed that there were no knitting books at the garage sale today:(

Fall Event:

I had asked Lyndsay about a month ago if she and her son Brady would be willing to go to a fall event with me. They go to the pumpkin patch every year so today I went along with them. It was about a forty minute drive away and we couldn’t believe how busy it was!!!

We checked out the animals area which had rabbits, hens, chickens, turkeys, etc. I’m not sure I like seeing my food like this!

We also did a quick circle in this little kid’s glow in the dark area. Brady was most interested in how his shirt glowed🤣

We watched them launch pumpkins through with an air pressure cannon. Was pretty neat to see them knock things over.

Brady did many circuits on a obstacle course they had.

We went through the corn maze which was super muddy! I liked how they had funny sayings throughout though, like what is a cow’s favourite activity? The mooo-vies.

We also did a race through the corn maze twice where you had to study pictures before you went in and then if you remembered the pictures to answer the questions you knew which way to go in the maze. Brady and Lyndsay won the first time and Brady and I won the second time.

After that we picked our pumpkins and headed out.

It was a gorgeous afternoon and I’m glad I can now say I’ve been to a pumpkin patch. The one downside to the afternoon was how rude and inconsiderate people were! It seemed to be all about them getting the perfect picture, even if it ruined yours. Very disappointing and sad:(


Lyndsay has suggested stopping at Noodlebox so I tried to be ready for that. At first she was saying lunch which I didn’t really want as I had just had lunch two hours before, but it ended up being dinner, so it was okay.

I’ve had:

2 rice cakes with Pb & j

Chicken Caesar salad

Cambodian Jungle curry with chicken

I love Noodle box and so am always happy to grab food there. Today I made myself try something new and it tasted really good. The only downside is that it was soupy so I didn’t get the super cute takeout box they have!

We grabbed our dinner to go so we could check out Provincial Spirits which is a local place that’s like a brew pub but does mixed drinks instead.

One of the teachers at school raves about this place so we had to try it. It was okay tonight, but we think the difference might be in the circumstances. This other teacher bikes here with her husband in the summer and then sits out back for a drink and whatever food truck meal is available, whereas tonight it was super packed, we were sitting at a table in their storage area and people kept coming to look at us to see if we were leaving yet. Not quite the same. I’ll have to try it again in the summer!


After stopping at three different grocery stores, I finally made it home. I really didn’t want to exercise, but made myself do so before I sat down. I did a five minute warm up, then a four minute tabata of high knees and power jacks. Then I used a random number generator to pick twenty exercises from a list. I ended up doing a plank, Russian twists, crunches, lateral lunges, reverse lunges, jump lunges, squats, plie squats, jump squats, lateral step ups, plank shoulder taps, dips, and pushups. It wasn’t a run, but it was something.

Well that’s it for me.

Have fun!


29 thoughts on “Super Fall Saturday

  1. Sounds like a lovely day with lots of fun fall adventures. You got a great deal for your treasures at that garage sale. We have been going to garage sales a lot too lately. Last week we got a grill for $20 and a few weeks before that I went to that same garage sale and got two sets of dumbbells (8lb, 10 lb). At another garage sale we got 30 avocados for $20. I might have to go to that one garage sale that we have visited 2 times before tomorrow.

    I always enjoy reading about your adventures. It inspires me to be more adventurous. I have been dealing with social anxiety a lot lately and it is slowly getting better, but it is trickier to make new friends now that I am older and I work from home. I guess I could make more of an effort. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    ❤ Alana

    1. Ooo sounds like you found a winning garage sale! Maybe you could challenge yourself to talk to someone there each time you go:)

  2. You crammed a lot of fun into one day! I’ve never been to a pumpkin patch, but I was caught in very heavy traffic because of them. One Saturday every child on Long Island must have gone through a corn maze and picked a pumpkin. Everybody we saw looked happy.

    1. It was crazy busy here too! I didn’t realize it was so popular! Probably not something I have to go do again, but I’m glad I went:)

  3. I like that market bag you are working on! I forget about all the cool free patterns available.
    I loved to go garage sale-ing in wealthier neighborhoods! I’ve gotten some amazing deals in the past.

  4. Great idea using the random number generator to pick exercises for you! And well done on that knitting-on-the-edge, you must have a superb eye for knowing how much yarn something will take. Great scores at the garage sale, too. When I was in Alderley Edge last week I was hoping for good things from the charity shops as it’s an affluent area, then didn’t get the chance to go through them all – another time!

      1. I think the lure of one friend half an hour’s drive away, another just down the road in a Rectory and all those unexplored charity shops will see me back, though probably in the New Year now.

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