I’ve worked with the same people for ten years and haven’t had anyone over, but tonight that changed!


It was quite the day! This morning we did a journal, but a different type of journal. I gave every student one or two eye stickers and the students got ten minutes to create a monster and then wrote about their monster. The students had great fun and it was neat to see what they came up with.

At recess two boys decided to pull on a girl’s jacket hard enough to rip the jacket. So the students had a longer quiet time as I tried to sort this out:(

We did a quick final activity about even and odd numbers and then watched a YouTube video on the book, “Kindness is Cooler, Mrs. Ruler” by Margaret Cuyler. This book was super cute and gave me two good ideas as my students really seem to be struggling with being kind. We are going to keep track of our kind facts and post each one on a heart while using tally marks to keep track of how many we have done as a class. Also it has inspired me to make the theme of our sharing for November be “my random act of kindness”. Students have to do something kind and then either write or draw about it. I hope these two measures help!!

This afternoon we had silent reading, buddy reading and then did a class book on making choices that keep us healthy, happy and safe. Hopefully they will finish in the morning.

We then went outside to play because it’s truly beautiful weather here right now. My two little boys had to spend the time writing an apology note to the girl. We will see if missing two play times will help these boys remember to be kind.


After school a few of us ran over to get our flu shots and then four ladies came by my place for a charcuterie party (or even just an appetizer party). It was great fun to just sit back and relax. I may not eat for the rest of the week though!

Sorry for the poor lighting- my place is tough in the afternoon because it’s so bright!


I am working away on my third market bag. It’s very mindless because it’s just a repeat of one row over and over again.

Well, that’s it for me.

Have fun!


27 thoughts on “Finally Did It

  1. You had some trying moments. How stressful it is to deal with unacceptable behavior! That’s great that the class did well with their work and went outside to play. What do you do for breaks when the weather is bad?

    1. We are still outside. We mostly just get rain so the children are expected to wear jackets with hoods, gumboots and use umbrellas

  2. Sounds like a great day at school, in spite of the difficulties! You have some great strategies for teaching your students about good behaviors and attitudes – I admire your creativity with that! Also, looks like a great spread for your charcuterie party!

  3. Great lessons for the kids but how stressful for you! I bet what you teach them about being kind sticks, though, those are some really good ideas.

    Well done on having colleagues round – did you just not want to before or were worried about it? Sounds like a nice evening, anyway. And lucky you with the sun in your apt! I live in a tall house amongst tall houses so even though the front faces south, as soon as the sun drops a little we’re shaded by the houses across the road – first downstairs, then the bedroom, then my study!

    1. I’m hoping the kindness lessons stick!
      I just never think my house is clean enough to have people over and it’s a small place.
      Having a bright place was super important to me!

  4. They may be too little, but at county fair we used to have a board where we posted notes about “catching someone doing the right thing,” maybe you could have your kids nominate others for the Kindness Board, or something? Fun to have some co workers over, maybe that will improve morale!

  5. The food looks delicious! And how fun for you to have your friends over.

    And even though there were a few rough behavior moments… sounds like a good day.

      1. Isn’t that crazy? I couldn’t believe it when I heard it and I was listening to a news show where adults complained they would not know how to teach their kids that way as they only knew the traditional song they memorized as kids themselves. The “school authorities” said that kids learning English as a second language struggled, trying to understand why that group of all the letters ran together and other kids had issues as well.

    1. Yes I pack them when I’m just making it for my dinner, but for the patter, I ended up separating things out. It is my favourite way to eat!

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