My day was fine even though I felt horrible. I had an allergy attack last night because of the oh so delicious caramel dip. I didn’t ask enough questions of my friend before digging in. I’m just thankful it wasn’t gluten!


We had no behavior incidents today🎉🎊. That was definitely the best part of my day!

We got through decorating brown paper bags for a homeless lunch program. We learned a new math game called Around the World which will help the children learn to skip count. We also started on our Halloween art project. This class definitely loves art. It really says something that 42 children were quieter during art than half that number are at any other time of day!


I really didn’t feel like exercising as my whole body feels battered, but I know that it usually helps me feel better. I headed out for a very slow jog and got 3.16km done in the sunshine:)


Still working on the third market bag. This one is definitely taking longer than the others did!


It was a theme night tonight on 70s and 80s music. We had a big group of 9!

Unfortunately they were tough questions tonight! It was divided up into 1970s music trivia then 25 1970s songs and their artist, then 1980s music trivia and finally 25 1980s songs and their artist. I didn’t know much:(

What soap opera was Rick Springfield on?

General Hospital

Who wrote UB40s Red Red Wine?

Neil Diamond

What are four things Rick Astley isn’t going to do?

Never gonna give you up, Say goodbye, never gonna lie, or hurt you

We actually won the final round of 1980s songs! My co teacher is amazing at 80s music so it wasn’t a surprise. We had actually thought we would do better all night, but he had very obscure 70s bands!

I probably really didn’t need that coffee crisp shooter I got for winning, but it was a fun night overall:)

Have fun!


18 thoughts on “Trivia Tuesday #28

  1. Sorry to hear about the allergic reaction, how annoying and upsetting. Hopefully you’re back to normal now. And well done for those kindness lessons starting to work!!

    1. I have no idea what was in it, but thankfully it was a much shorter drink than my usual sangria. I just didn’t have time for that

  2. Coffee Crisp used to be my favorite chocolate bar when living in Canada and still got them when we lived here and went to visit my grandmother. I do not know about UB40’s “Red Red Wine” song but am familiar with Neil Diamond’s version … I was a Neil Diamond fan and saw him several times back in the day.

    1. I don’t like chocolate so it wouldn’t be my first choice ever, but was looking for a small drink.
      Red red wine is good no matter who sings it I think:)

      1. You know I think I’ve heard it and just didn’t know the band’s name. Neil Diamond’s version is slower. They never have sold Coffee Crisps over here – I’m not a fan of the gooey chocolate and so liked their bar as it was light.

  3. Those were hard questions. Where do you get the ideas for the games you use in your classroom? I am trying to do more learning games with the kids, but haven’t done much yet.

    1. The trivia has been super hard the last couple of weeks:(. I hope it seems easier again soon!
      Quite often they come out of my head, but I’ve also taken a lot of workshops. If you want help brainstorming- just let me know:)

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