The List Made Me Do It

I have come to realize that a list I made on Friday has completely driven my weekend!


Today was a retro river run. We have run Coquitlam River in a regular basis but our route changed a couple of years ago. A new subdivision was put in and new trails were added, and we have consistently taken these new and shorter trails since then. Today I forced Dennis to run the old route as I have been feeling like I’m getting complacent in my running. By taking the old route we added three quarters of a kilometer to the run which I think is a good start to upping my mileage. I had a slow start as my rear end was still sore from my Friday workout, but managed to end respectably.

I noticed while I was running today that my Achilles weren’t bothering me. I am wondering if it’s the different shoes I wore today. My street runners right now are saucony, but today I wore my trail shoes which are ASICS. I’ll have to ask at the running store if this could solve the sore Achilles problem I’ve been having lately.


I made a couple of quick stops to pick up groceries and ran into my friend Corianne. I always love visiting with her family!

I decided to try out a recipe my friend Sarah told me about this week. It’s Egg Roll in a Bowl and will be my dinners this week. It was super easy to put together and looks very yummy. I didn’t add any salt to it, but I’m still worried that my weight will balloon all week as it has soy sauce in it and I’m super salt sensitive ☹️


I finished Seduction on a Snowy Night today. This is an anthology of three Christmas stories.

Thank you to the authors, publisher and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I think this book makes a lovely festive read but would also be nice for any winter night.

The first story started slow for me and I found it tough to get invested in, but it did improve by the end.

The second story was a familiar trope, but I loved the characters and the banter between them. I also enjoyed the background cast of a loving family in this story.

The third story was also very enjoyable and had a few surprise twists that I didn’t see coming.

In the end, this was a very enjoyable and satisfying read.


I have again spent most of the day knitting. Thankfully I went and bought my blocking mats, cleaned my fridge, blocked my scarf and washed my mitts before I sat down to my needles.

I spent some time searching for a market bag pattern as that’s what I want to make my friends for Christmas this year. I found Plymouth Yarns Fantasy Naturale Market Bag. I started it and then realized I didn’t like how open the stitching was and that I had lost a stitch, so I pulled it out. I’ve started again with a needle two sizes smaller and so far I’m liking it much better.

These are my cowl and my scarf (sorry for the bad night picture of the scarf).

I realized late this afternoon that my knitting frenzy is probably caused by my making a list. At knit night I had jotted down all the knitting projects that were floating around in my head. Unfortunately I’m the type of person that once something is on a list I become very focused on accomplishing the task so I can cross it off the list. This is the exact reason I don’t make monthly goals, etc because my life comes to revolve around that list!🤪

Hopefully my hands survive this list!


I haven’t been bad, but I have t been according to plan either:(

Honey stinger Running chews

Carrot crisps with cheese

Tuna poke salad ( the soy sauce is going to play havoc with me)

Slice of apple bread

Salad with vegan cheese cubes

I just can’t have exciting food in my house:(. I had picked up a box of Okanagon Rawsome carrot crackers at the store this morning and then proceeded to eat way more than I planned. If they hadn’t been there, I would have been fine. Thankfully I decided to save the last two to take to a parent at school or else I probably would have eaten the whole box:(

The one good thing is that I got more water flavour I g today so my water consumption has gone way up. Hopefully that continues!

Well I had an Emergen-c tonight and some cold fx as I feel like I’m fighting s cold, so I’m off to bed early.

Have fun!


Maybe I’ve Listened Too Much

My day was just full of what I wanted it to be, but I’m sure I’m going to pay for this.


I met up with Sarah for a slow run around the park this morning. (I wish the gorgeous colours showed up better in this picture!) She ended up in emerg on Tuesday as her blood pressure went crazy. I spent most of the run wondering how quickly I could call 911 if anything happened. I am glad she is feeling better though. We grabbed a tea afterwards as she is already starting to go a little stir crazy at home.

This evening I did a quick few exercises before bed- squats, front kicks, roundhouse kicks, back kicks, high knees, calf raises, front jabs and crosses.


We have a family going through a tough time at school right now and do have been providing meals for them. I did a chicken, broccoli and rice bake that was super easy and only took one pan. I put a can of cream of chicken soup along with 3/4 of a cup of water into the pan and stirred it up. Then added one cup of rice and one pound of cut up chicken. I then added frozen broccoli and mixed it all up with salt and pepper. Cooked it at 375 for one hour. I really hope it tastes okay, but I can’t even try it to be sure:(

I also got some extra chicken cooked and chicken Caesar salads made for lunch this week.


I spent most of the day knitting (after I washed and blocked a sweater as I’m trying to work my way through them all). I got my shawl/scarf done. I really hope it blocks bigger! I will show it to you once it’s blocked as right now, it’s just a wrinkly mess.

I also got a tight cowl made to use up the end of the blue yarn from my sweater and hat. I figured out what I wanted and then made it happen and am super happy with the end result:).

I played a game of yarn chicken with both of these projects and actually managed to win! The scarf had about an inch of yarn left and the cowl has about 9 inches left🤣

I promise you’ll get pictures when I can get done nice daylight shots.

While I was doing all this knitting I was listening to podcasts and I actually went through seven podcasts😳. Maybe I listened to too many.

I also watched Grosse Point Blank. I have to admit it wasn’t as good as I remembered, but still quite enjoyable:)


What have I eaten today?

Two slices of toast- one with pb&j, one with cinnamon spread


Cheese on cucumber

Carrot, celery, orange pepper with hummus and guacamole, boneless,skinless chicken thigh

I think I’ll colour in today:)

Well I have to be up early for my run in the morning…

Have fun!


Knit Night or 7 Weeks Done, 33 To Go

It was quite the day!


I got up early and joined L for a workout. It did feel good to get it done. We did a half hour of intervals on the treadmill and I actually ran at a 7.6 for some of the intervals. That’s the fastest I’ve ever gone on a treadmill so I’m happy!

We then did squats, step ups, swing lunges, bicycles, reverse curls, sit ups, pull ups, and kneel to stand.

My legs felt like wet spaghetti on the walk home so it must have been a good workout!


We got through our last greater than less than worksheet and printing today. We also had buddies where the kids did stem bins with their older buddies and they were super engaged.

I had two more kids who managed all of the sounds, so I am down to working with four daily.

At recess I had two children pushing in the lineup. Both got spoken to and both got a note in their planner. Well I discovered ya planner time this afternoon that my lovely little girl had cut the note out of her planner😡. I walked right over and emailed her parents. Can you imagine if she is doing this in grade one what she will be like at fifteen!


I joined Brenda and Patti for knit night tonight and it was nice to have company. I am still just working on my scarf/shawl.


Today makes yesterday look good. What I’ve had:

Oatmeal with peanut butter




Turkey, veggies and stuffing

I had planned on going out for lunch since Lyndsay asked me if I wanted to this morning, but I didn’t plan on the gingersnaps. When I look at my calendar, I notice that it’s always Thursdays and Fridays that I mess up my eating on. That’s interesting- I wonder what I can do to fix that?

Well I’m going to finish my podcast and do a few more rows.

Have fun!


Just A Little Mad at Myself

Ugh why do I let myself derail myself????


Today wasn’t too bad at work. We had an earthquake drill in the pouring rain- always fun with grade ones! We managed to put a sheet of paper in our duo-tangs, so Calendar, compile a list of items that starts with the letter f, copy the planner message independently, silent read and finish our turkeys.

The best parts of the day- another student now knowing all of his letter sounds, and how engaged the students were when painting their turkeys. This group seems to really love art!

These are some of them and while I don’t love them as much as the ones we did Last time, I think they are still pretty cute!


I finished the kids Bookclub book which is Sled Dog School. The book was a quick read- only two nights. It tells of a kid who has to start a business for his math class. I liked how it was stressed that he had different skills from others and that that made him unique and valuable. However, the project was completely unrealistic and the teacher drove me nuts and the fact the kid never asked for help or thought about what he was going to teach before doing it!😖. I’m sure the kids will like it though and I did learn things about sled dogs which was interesting.


I met up with the group for a run in the rain tonight. We were talking about the fact that if you don’t run in the rain around here, you’d never run! We got 4.44km which was enough for me as they were super fast kilometers. It drives me nuts that that speed isn’t reflected in my Runkeeper because we have to stop and wait for people. Ugh I guess I’ll get over it though.


I have been once again working on my shawl and I’m going back to it now.


I’m a little mad at myself because I didn’t stick with the plan:(

I’ve had:

Oatmeal with peanut butter


Turkey, stuffing, roast veggies

Pack of honey stinger chews (had these during the afternoon as I was hungry, but they weren’t part of the plan☹️

2 mini baked potatoes and a hamburger patty (the hamburger patty wasn’t part of the plan either).

I was hungry today and I’m thinking I may have lost weight if I had stuck with the plan!😖I guess I will see the damage tomorrow.

Have fun!



Today definitely felt better than yesterday!


We got through calendar and I set up the parent reading during my prep. I only have four parents this year, but that makes for some extra practice for the kids, hopefully at least once a week they will each get to read. I so wish there was a magic solution to learning to read, but a lot of it is just practice and time with books.

We also tackled greater than and less than again today and the kids did great. I kept it mostly to talking about the alligator eating the bigger number, but they seemed to get that. I also came up with a quick game to practice. I often wonder what teachers did before there was the card game war? I swear you can practice almost every math skill with that game!

This afternoon we started out directed drawing turkeys, but both Liane and I forgot which website we had used in the past and I don’t think this activity is going to turn out as cute as it has in the past:(

The best part of the day for me was that there were no big problems on the playground and one of my boys now knows all of his sounds!


After getting some laminating done after school, I headed out for a run. It was raining horribly and I really didn’t want to go, but I forced myself too. I love how my mom didn’t let me off the hook as when I texted to whine to her, she just told me to suck it up and go🤣

I got just over 3km in which is slightly short of what I’m supposed to do, but I’ll make up for it tomorrow when I go out with the group. I had a pretty good pace though both Achilles were sore going up the hills:(


I have done a bit of knitting on the shawl tonight while listening to podcasts, but didn’t quite get as much done as I wanted to.

I did however get a project page made for my daddy-son hat test knit. I tried it on tonight and I think it’s going to make a great running hat.

The pattern is called Daddy-Son hat by Zanete Knits and I used Ancient Arts Yarns Socknado in Cats Eye Cobalt. It is knit top down with a new to me cast on method and it knit up super quick!


I was really enjoying reading my new Knit Simple magazine, but had to stop in order to read the kids Bookclub book as I have to be done by Friday. I may take it to work tomorrow and see if I can finish it off there.


I have had a really good eating day and my mom said I could colour in yesterday too as fish and chips isn’t the end of the world. Today I’ve had:

Oatmeal with peanut butter (yes I am a creature of habit)


Turkey, stuffing and vegetables

Celery with cream cheese, celery stalk and carrot with hummus and guacamole to dip them in

Rice cake with cream cheese and jam

I’m going to have to start thinking about what I want to get myself next!

Well I’m going to go read something I want to read now!

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday #26

It sure is tough to get back into routine after an extra day off!


We got through a sheet about what students did on Thanksgiving, as well as gym and a collage about needs versus wants.

My students weren’t horrible but I definitely did a lot of explicit teaching around behavior today. We covered how to get space for yourself in a lineup or on the carpet and how to play on the playground. I’m hoping this helps with certain students, but I guess we shall see.


I stopped in to get my eyelashes and eyebrows died today and then forced myself out the door for a run. I only went to the park and back, so not even 3km, but it was at least something. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better running day.


I’ve been listening to a podcast called Not Your Mom’s Romance Bookclub and they had talked about a book series that included knitting by Penny Reid. I’ve never been a huge Penny Reid fan, but decided to try the first book, Neanderthal Seeks Human. It ended up being a cute read. I liked how the main female character starts spouting random thoughts when she’s nervous. It was also great when knitting needles were used in a fight and characters argued over the loss of a skein of MadTosh merino🤣. I will definitely move onto the next book in the series.


Thankfully I’ve had a better day than yesterday. I’m wondering if my being out of sorts is caused by a lack of sweets? Hmmm🤔

Today I’ve had:

Oatmeal with peanut butter


Turkey, dressing, veggies

Fish and chips (I gave up my after school snack and went for a run so I could have this).

I finally got myself a treat for being at day five yesterday and bought my first knitting magazine. Actually I bought two! Knit scene and Knit Simple.


There were four of us for trivia tonight. I knew:

Who wrote The Handmaid’s Tale?

Margaret Atwood

Who did Einstein marry?

First cousin

Who was Ariel’s dad?

King Triton

Finish the Eminem lyrics

There’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti

What does a lapidary do?

Polish gems

I just didn’t feel like we knew anything tonight. Oh well, it was still fun:)

Have fun!


Happy Thanksgiving

I had a great day, but was really torn! I wanted to stay home on my bonus day off as I think that always makes the day feel longer, but I also had errands to do and wanted to get my treat for another five days of good eating!


I might as well start here. I decided to have my leftover turkey sandwich for breakfast so that I wouldn’t spend the whole day thinking, “I want a turkey sandwich!” It was really good. I actually ended up finishing my turkey and dressing at lunch:)

I’ve also had two rice cakes with cream cheese and jam and a bowl of popcorn. I love being an adult and being able to have popcorn for dinner if I want to!


I had the goal of finishing my daddy-son hat test knit today so spent a lot of time knitting on it. Thankfully it’s simple enough to listen to podcasts while I do that.

I did end up getting the toque done!

Sorry for the bad night picture, but I think it will be super cute!


It was great to not have to jump out of bed early for my run and I actually ended up going out mid morning. I managed 6.19km at a 6:41/km average. It’s neat to see hat consistently running really has brought improvements as I wasn’t trying to run fast today, but still didn’t have any kilometers at even 7min. Yay!

I did a few exercises tonight- squats, front kicks, back kicks, calf raises, jabs, crosses. Not as much as I wanted to do, but at least something.

Household/ Errands:

Staying home won out over leaving the house, though I did run across the street to vote. It took 45 minutes!!! It was great to see so many people had come out to vote, but having to wait in that line-up almost convinced me to skip it this year!

I also got my dishes done and the windows and mirrors cleaned. I have seen that Maureen Gets Real has a timetable of cleaning and I decided to give it a try. It was great to have a job done in no time that will hopefully keep my house looking clean all the time!


The secretary at work had loaned me The Help so I watched that this evening. It was quite the movie and I enjoyed it.

Well tomorrow it’s back to the classroom.

Have fun!


Thank Goodness for Friends

I am truly thankful today for the friends who fill my life. I’m a super family- oriented person so it’s always tough for me not to be with my family at a holiday (it doesn’t seem to bother any of them though 🤣), so I was really happy to have a couple of events with friends today to keep me busy and not alone.


This morning the group run started from a coffee shop right by my place so it gave me a few extra minutes. Yesterday I had felt like doing a second run and was all energetic and feeling svelte, but today, I felt blah and lifeless. Maybe it had to do with dreaming that one of my students pushed my down the stairs, or maybe it was just one of those days. Dennis, of course, kept me going and didn’t let me turn around and go home. I did end up getting 5.34km in and just squeaked under the 7min/km average so it can’t be called a bad run, but it definitely wasn’t fabulous. Maybe I should have just ran twice yesterday and skipped today.

The group was hilarious at coffee so it was a great way to start my day off. It’s nice to hang out with people you know well and who don’t take themselves seriously or allow you to take yourself seriously!

Since I have eaten a turkey meal today, I decided that I had better do a bit more tonight. I got 3 sets of 12 of the following done:



Front kicks

Side kicks

Calf raises

High knees


Reverse crunches

Banded side steps


It probably didn’t work off the meal, but it made me feel better🤣


I woke up to an email from the designer of the toque test knit I’m working on, saying that she had the wrong needle size in the pattern. I found myself once again frogging the toque and starting over. I have made it to row 50 of the body and I’m not pulling this out again! In fact, I’m hoping to finish it tomorrow.


I spent some of the day making my contributions for the dinner tonight. I had bought one of each vegetable to roast and it still turned out to be a huge amount of veggies. I also did the dressing, which thankfully my dad called and walked me through. It turned out a lot drier than his ever did so I will need to watch him make it so I can see what I did wrong.

We ended up with an awesome dinner of turkey, dressing, gravy, cranberries and roast vegetables. We still had enough food for about six people though. I will have my turkey sandwich tomorrow and then I’ve actually gotten four lunches out of the leftovers too!

Brenda and I managed to eat in ten minutes, but at least neither of us spent all day cooking for those ten minutes. We knitted while watching the James Bond movie, Skyfall. I still think that Sean Connery was the best James Bond, but feel free to argue with me.🤣

Well I think that’s all I’ve done today so I’ll go back to my podcasts and knitting now.

Have fun!


Just Quiet

I have purposely had a quiet day after spending the whole week being tired. I’m hoping it helps!


I slept in this morning and then met Sarah and Kula for a run around the river this morning. At one point I remarked on the fact that it seemed extremely busy today, but Sarah reminded me we were an hour later than usual. It was a slow run for me, but still felt good to get out with company. I always seem to run the same pace so it was probably good for me to slow down and maybe it will make me faster tomorrow.

I have been neglecting my weights while L is out of town, so last night and tonight I did 3 sets of 12 of: squats, deadlifts, reverse crunches, crunches, bicycles, side steps with the band, hip bridges and chest presses.


After a quick stop to get the veggies I need for tomorrow’s dishes, I have spent a lot of the day knitting.

It has taken me three tries, but I have finally been successful at the daddy-son hat that I am testing for Zanete Knits. I am doing this out of the same blue Ancient Arts yarn I made the Not a Boring Sweater from and it will be for me, if it fits. My gauge swatch stretched a lot, but it still looks small to me.


I am reading two books right now. I have been listening to a podcast called Not Your Mom’s Romance Bookclub and they were talking about a Penny Reid series featuring knitting. I’ve never been a huge Penny Reid fan, but I’m giving her Knitting in the City series a try.

I’m alternating that book with my latest NetGalley read, Seduction on a Snowy Night. This is composed of three short stories and I am just finishing the first one. I have to admit I didn’t love the first story at the start, but it has gotten better.


After two bad days, I have had a good day today. This makes four days and I’d really like to be able to get myself a treat so I’m hoping for another good day tomorrow, regardless of eating a meal out!

Today I’ve had:

Oatmeal, cheese and tuna on cucumber slices, banana, hamburger patty with a slice of vegan cheese.

Well, I’m going back to my knitting and reading, though maybe while curled up in my bed🤣

I really need to go do something exciting for you guys- you must all be falling asleep reading this lately!

Have fun!



My students did not make me want to be in my classroom today!


This morning we had music where I didn’t get much done other than my Thanksgiving file sorted and organized. We got through a math sheet that showed that some of my students totally got the idea of before and after and others did not! Thankfully we’ll be spending all next week on it!

This afternoon I was greeted at the door with reports of problems on the soccer field. One of the boys was the same as yesterday. Ugh! It really doesn’t make me want to come back, though I must mention that the class was ready for planners quite quickly:)

I wasted time this afternoon by going through the lost and found, cleaning desks and playing Roll a Turkey. It was a low key afternoon and we all survived. That’s about all that can be said.

When I write about it, it doesn’t seem that bad, but I’ve glossed over the many moments that my students were rude to me or unkind to each other.

Oh and I found out last thing on a Friday before a long weekend that I am getting a new student on Tuesday morning. Thank goodness for the secretary letting me know as I probably wouldn’t have found out until the student arrived otherwise. I ran around as my students were working this afternoon getting stuff set up for him so he would feel welcome. I just hope he is a positive change in the classroom and doesn’t add to the problems.


After running into a parent at the grocery store and having to take a moment to speak with her (her son is on day two of problems on the soccer field), I managed to get home and settled for the evening.

I have been working on my shawl and loving the pattern, but for the past hour it’s been in time out because I messed up the latest lace section and now need to rip back:(

I also did a gauge swatch for daddy son hat I’m testing and started the pattern, only to have to rip it out too. I think it’s time for some reading!


Definitely not a coloured day:(

I’ve had:

Oatmeal, a slice of apple bread (it was delicious), potato/beet hash, Smokey barbecue seeds, cucumber with tuna fish and more apple bread. I need to get it out of my house!

Well I’m going to go stretch out and read:)

Have fun!