It Was Time

I can’t believe it’s almost December!


I got to sleep in this morning but then had to drag myself out for a run. I was 10.8km short of 100km for the month and figured I could do a ten k. At 2.5km I seriously thought about turning around and just calling it a day at 5km, but I had set it up that I was doing 8 and 1s today since my brain wasn’t in it. It really seemed to help today to only have to think about doing 8 minutes because the next thing i knew I was at 10.22km. I still won’t quite hit 100km for the month, but I’m happy enough with 99.4.


I’ve had my rice cake with Pb & j, a piece of lemon cheesecake and 2/3 of a veggie wrap.

I had a coupon for a free piece of cheesecake from Green Mustache. I tried to go on Thursday night but they only had turmeric ginger cheesecake- not what I wanted! Today I did get a veggie wrap and lemon cheesecake, but it was painful trying to purchase it and they told me my gift card had no money on it. Grrrr!


When I first got my smartphone I planned to use it as my running watch. This plan hasn’t quite gone as planned as sometimes it’s annoying to have to carry a phone when I don’t have pockets, or like today, my phone starts acting weird and the tracking ends early:( (did it really happen if it’s not recorded???)

So I did some research yesterday as my SIL loves her Fitbit Versa, but after reading that they weren’t always accurate for runs, I decided to go for a sports watch as my primary reason for having it was to track runs. I saw the running watches were on sale at my local Runner’s Den so I went looking after my run. I ended up with a Garmin Forerunner 35 as it’s the smallest sports watch they offer. What is even better is that with the two gift cards I got last year form my class, I got it for free:) I actually even have $8 leftover:). I just hope it works well!


I am working on the run if my mommy daughter hat and am so close to being done. It should happen tonight! It’s been a much easier knit since I got to move to knitting in the round.


I met up with our secretary today to see the movie, Last Christmas. This movie so didn’t go how I was expecting! I can’t say much as it would give way too many spoilers, but it didn’t go as I planned. It was a nice movie I would recommend, but it won’t make it into my top ten rom coms. I did like this line from it though:

“Take good care of my heart It was meant to be yours somehow”

I also watched some Hallmark movies today. I haven’t let myself start the Christmas movies so yesterday day I watched From Friend to Fiancé . It was cute and I liked how no one got hurt in the movie. I thought it was going to follow the movie My Best Friend’s Wedding, but I actually like how this one ends better!

Today I watched Love Under the Rainbow which was also satisfying. I really want that teacher’s class though!


I finally finished Neanderthal Marries Human by Penny Reid. This book took me a long time to get through! I really want to read book five in this series, but I think I might break my own rule and just read that one.

Well I wish I was staying up later, but that is just not happening.

Have fun!


Woah, that wasn’t supposed to happen!

My day started very interestingly when my tooth fell out when I was flossing:(


We got through the day with a phonics lesson, which I just realized I forgot to show the video for🤦🏼‍♀️

We practiced some more place value, had library, and worked on our pointillism art, though we still are not done. Hopefully tomorrow!

After school I finished writing the last three report cards and emailed them off to my mom. I’m just so glad to have a rough draft done! I’ll reread them after my mom and then consider them good enough. I’ve learned that i can spend forever on them and never be completely happy!


I had called this morning and thankfully they were able to fit me in this evening at the dentist. They wedges my tooth back in and cemented it down and let’s just hope it stays in place through Christmas!


I watched Easter Under Wraps tonight and it was super cute! I think going back to tradition is super popular right now and I do appreciate a lot of it. Sometimes what was is better:)

Well that’s it for me!

Have fun!


A Popsicle

I got cold and I stayed that way:(


We had a pretty good day. Our 12 Days of Giving began today which is a foodbank donation fundraiser. Each day students are encouraged to bring different items and the three classes down our end are having a friendly competition to see which class can bring the most donations. So far:

Miss B: 34🎊🎉

Mrs. T: 24

Miss D: 14

I got through an assessment of place value and feel as though the next two days will be enough. I have a couple of children who don’t get it, but we’ll continue to do it in calendar all year and I don’t want to bore 20 for the sake of 2. I will try to pull them for the next couple of days and give them some extra practice.

This afternoon we tackled pointillism in art. We talked about George Seurat and did a directed drawing of a landscape. Tomorrow they will get to “colour” it using dots.

We were seduced by the sunshine and went outside at the end of the day. Unfortunately it was only two degrees and super windy so I became frozen very quickly! I have stayed a popsicle since then despite tea, fireplace, and blankets:(

I did get another four report cards written after school today and that leaves only three left to do tomorrow. I know my mom will be just so excited to hear that she gets to proofread them for me! My principal has said he doesn’t read them so I need someone to go through them as after a while I lose track of what they really say.


I stopped and grabbed milk and then sat my butt down to work on the mommy daughter hat. I have finally gotten to the body and will hopefully pick up speed now:). I just hope it all works out. It looks so different to me from the pattern picture.


Since I was just too cold to go outside for a run tonight, I decided to do an L workout instead. I did three sets of 45 seconds each of the following:

Single leg squat, deep squat, reverse lunge, wall sit

I then did 45 seconds of high knees and a minute of plank.

Then I did 3 sets of 45 seconds of: tricep extensions, bicep curls, push-up to downward dog.

Then another 45 seconds of high knees and another one minute plank.

Finally I did 3 sets of 45 seconds of:

Knee tucks, scissor legs, reverse curls

And a final 45 seconds of high knees and a minute plank.


I’m hoping that this workout along with my good eating today will get me moving again:)

I’ve had: a rice cake with Pb, cheese and jam, a 1/2 cup of applesauce, chicken ranch salad, a hard boiled egg, cheese on cucumber and one celery stalk with dill dip.

Hmmm that’s more than I thought I’d had, but at least it’s mainly all vegetables.

Now I’m going to crash into bed. I was supposed to get to watch a movie tonight!

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday #32

I can’t believe I’ve gone to trivia 32 times! It so doesn’t seem like I’ve been going that long!


It was a bit of a mixed up day because I was given some extra time by my principal to learn about how to do the report cards, but it all worked out in the end:)

We got through printing the letter a, a math worksheet on place value and an activity on reading vocabulary. I really need to assess my students in place value so I can determine if they need another week on it or not. I’d better add that to my list for tomorrow.

On a side note I was talking to a friend the other day and we came to the realization that the only day we won’t have a list is the day we die!!! I even left a list for my students while I was away from them🤣

They actually managed to earn themselves twenty minutes of centre time this afternoon 🎊


I got myself out the door for a run right after work. It was amazing that a half hour earlier meant I ran into 25 people! I got 4.55km in. Right now I’m just trying to get as many km’s as possible as each km means less to run on Saturday!


It was a theme night on movies. I actually looked some stuff up! Not that it helped me:(

What was Stifler’s name in American Pie?


What was the name of the father dog in 101 Dalmatians?


What was the number of the character in Ben Hur?


Which number bachelorette did Lord Farquois take in Shrek?


Who was the character name of Keira Knightley in Pirates of the Caribbean?

Elizabeth Swan

Who was the King in The King’s Speech?

King George VI

I really didn’t know much:(

Have fun!


PB Hunt

It wasn’t a bad day, though I sure spent a lot of time waiting.


We got through the day but the children were so chatty!! We did a journal where a few kids decided to write about what they would do if they were the teacher. It appears there would be a lot of math and centres.

We got through some more practice of place value. It’s funny that so many of my children seem to have a block against this during math, but do it during calendar every day!🙄

This afternoon we made predictions and then read the book Zoozical. Such a cute book and good for making predictions because the cover doesn’t give much away.

After work I wrote another four report cards. That makes 11 done which is almost half the class. Hopefully I will be done on Thursday night!


I seem to be getting better about getting my butt out the door whether I want to or not. I got 3.8km in before I stopped for my peanut butter search.


I have spent all night working on the mommy daughter hat and have finally successfully made it to row 16. I definitely have to concentrate, but it’s been a good challenge!


Not a perfect day because there were tortilla chips at school:(

Have fun!


Grateful Sunday

Today I am grateful for the little things!


I met up with Dennis fifteen minutes early so Brenda and James wouldn’t need to wait too long for us. I tried to keep up with him on the way out which is always a mistake as it means I go out way too fast and then die on the way back! I laughed when I yelled that we were at 5km and he said I had to keep going until the truck in case we were short going back. How are we going to be short??? We just ran it! In the end we ended up with 10.42km. These longer runs have definitely been good for me, though I am noticing that my weights workouts haven’t been consistent lately.


After a quick coffee, I was off to meet up with Lyndsay to go to the Local Love Pop Up Market. It had 67 vendors and I swear 60 of them were baby focused! Needless to say, I didn’t buy a thing! It was neat to go and look and once again I was shocked at what people were asking for their homemade goods!


I am still working on the mommy daughter hat and thinking of ripping it out again to do it on bigger needles. One side is going well, but the other seems to be off:(


This evening, after a nap, we had Bookclub, but it turned out to be a short one. We had all enjoyed the book, Becoming by Michelle Obama so there wasn’t any arguments. I have to admit I left early because one of the other girls was annoying me. Since she started every Bookclub has turned into her talking about her lupus. I get that it impacts her life immensely and is horrible to live with, but can we please let someone else talk about a different topic??

The food was as marvelous as ever!

I admit I ate more than I have been lately, but for Bookclub I was super good. The only thing not pictured is the one cookie I ate.


I am grateful for a running buddy who pushes me!

I am grateful for a friend who will go out with me to events I know nothing about.

I am grateful for my very comfortable condo and bed.

I am grateful for the rainbow I saw on the way to Bookclub and the moment it provided with the couple in the car beside me.

I am grateful for a Bookclub that accepts my meager offering of a veggie platter when I need sleep too much to spend time in the kitchen.

I am thankful for Hallmark movies that soothe me.

I am thankful for knitting that keeps me on my toes.

Well that’s it for me, have fun!


Tradition Maintained

For the past few years, a colleague and I have made our way out to the Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market and we did so again today.


I picked my friend up and we hit the road and then spent four hours looking through the vendors at the market. I loved all the Christmas items on display, but I just don’t have a big enough house for all that! Most of the things they were calling vintage were items I grew up using!! Some I even still have!! I spent a lot of time being shocked at what people were charging for their handknitted items. The friend I was with has been saying for a while that I should sell what I make, but I’m just not good at that part! I just donated all of my extra knit goods to the holiday market at school which is a fundraiser for sports supplies.

I ended up buying a few more reusable snack bags as I get lots of use out of these. I also got a smaller version of the microwave bowl holder as I use my big one a lot. Finally I got a new flannel blanket just like the one I had as a kid, and for only $12!

It was a fun day with a friend, but I was happy to come home to my couch too!


I have spent the evening restarting my mommy daughter hat as my yarn kept breaking:(. It is going slightly faster this time, though I am writing right now because I just messed up a row and need to redo it.

I also finally got the handle sewn onto my newest market bag.

This is the free Miss Carlotta pattern on Ravelry done in Berroco Indigo yarn in black. It is a true black- just a bad photo. I have to admit this is probably my least favourite bag so far.

I also finally got a picture taken of the shawl I have made for my friend. Again a bad, nighttime photo but here it is…This is the Triple Jubilee shawl which is also free on ravelry and it was done in Shi Bui Pebble in the colour brownstone. I just hope she likes it!


I had a rice cake split between Pb & cheese and Pb & jam this morning.

A mini kind bar for snack.

I was amazed they had a quinoa salad I could eat at the convention centre.

Then this evening I had a salad with salmon and balsamic dressing.

And lots of tea as it has turned cold and rainy here!


I watched another Hallmark movie this evening called Winter Love Story. It was super cute and had good banter in it.

Well I’m going back to the hat!

Have fun!


Why Not Do Both??

It was an okay day- one of my “good” kids supposedly had an incident at lunch but didn’t report getting hit in the face because “he didn’t want to stop playing”. I figure it couldn’t have been that bad!


We read a story, had music and started in place value in math. We do place value every day, twice during calendar and yet for some of the children, it didn’t transfer:( I see a lot of practice in my future🙄. It is the most important thing I teach though.

This afternoon we had buddies and made cards for seniors. The children actually did a really good job:)


I actually managed to finish the kids book club book today on my break. the Problim Children. I can’t say I would recommend it as it seemed just weird to me, but we shall see what the children thought of it.


I had arranged to workout with l after work as she couldn’t this morning. I appreciated the extra time as I slept horribly last night. This afternoon I really didn’t feel like doing anything, but we did it anyways. It was a tag team workout so while one person did ab exercises on the floor- the other ran while increasing the incline by one percent per minute. Then we both did step ups and squat jumps. For two such simple movements, my legs felt like jello afterwards. We then had a short interval session on the treadmill and ended it up with another session where one person did ab exercises and the other did the treadmill- while playing with the incline. I was definitely dripping sweat and enjoyed the steam room for a minute afterwards.

On the way home though, my friend texted to see if I wanted to go for a run, I figured I might as well. We ended up doing a really nice, easy 3.78km. It was just good to catch up and visit.


I have started the test knit for Zanete Knits of the Mommy- Daughter Hat. It’s going pretty well so far, except my yarn has twice been broken:( That makes me nervous! I do not want to have to buy yarn for this!


I got to enjoy another Hallmark movie tonight:) This time I went with Just Add Romance. It was a super cute cooking competition movie. I giggled when the Lake Michigan resort turned out to be the local golf course about a half hour from me. I think that’s partially why I love watching these movies so much is trying to determine where they are filmed as most are done around me:)


I’ve had a second great day of eating! I’ve had a rice cake which I did half Pb and cheese and half Pb & jam. It was yummy! Then I had a banana, a tuna snackit, an orange and a salad with tuna and balsamic dressing.

Well I’m off to bed ridiculously early on a Friday night to make up for last night.

Have fun!


Thunderous Thursday or Friday Eve

It was an okay day:)


Another day with no physicality🎊🎉. Can we please keep this going??? We got through learning about short and long e though as I write this I realize I forgot to show them the video about it:(

We also had a practice of our Christmas concert song, I assessed science and the last of the reading assessments, and also got through two girls with practice of their numbers.

This afternoon we finished our art which was a Kandinsky tree. We are trying our best to teach more concepts with art this year, but also decided to include trying out the styles of different artists. I like how the tree turned out.

After work we got through three more report cards so I’m up to seven which is almost a third of the class:)


I have started another toque test knit for Zanete Knits and can’t wait to finish it up so I can wear it on these cold mornings. My co teacher also mentioned she wants a black toque with a brown faux fur pompom. I know I saw a kit for this at Knit City so now I just have to remember what store was selling those!


I ran with the group tonight and got 4.58km in. They changed the route slightly at the end which was great as it forced me to go up a hill. I have suggested we take a different route so we get 5km without doing laps of the parking lot, but do far the “leader” hadn’t taken the suggestion. He somewhat drives me crazy!!! Either be a leader or don’t, but he does some annoying quasi leading😖


I’ve had a rice cake with Pb & J, a banana, a salad with tuna and balsamic dressing, an orange and a tuna snackit. Oh and one lemon cookie after the run. They were homemade. My stomach still isn’t happy but I figure I might as well go back to normal eating as my stomach never seems to be happy right now:(

Well that’s it for me. Have fun!


A Start

Well I had to start sometime, but it’s a good thing I had my colleague to keep me going!


We had a productive day, though the kids were disappointed not to get outside play time at the end of the day.

We got through calendar, some practice of pre-reading strategies , music class, an introduction to place value, and some art that you will hopefully see tomorrow when we finish.

Not a bad day as there was no physicality, though my girl trouble is now making weird noises all the time🙄

After school I sat my butt down in a chair and started in my report cards. For the third year in a row we have a new report card and this one is really different as it’s online:(. I really wanted to give up after three, but my co-teacher kept me going and I did get the planned four done✅


It was another dark run, but it got done. I had 4.31km in before I realized it, but I think it was fueled by the rude runners I came across:(. They didn’t make space and forced me off the sidewalk and blinded me with their headlamps😖. No wonder I have to teach courtesy and good manners to my students when adults don’t even have them!


I’m pretty close to having another market bag done. I need to get this one done tonight as I have a toque to start tomorrow!


As I knit away, I watched Flip That Romance which was a very cute and timely movie. I definitely liked the girl’s renovation better though!


I’ve had another day of stomach problems. At one point this morning I wondered if I’d have to run out on my students. I stuck with crackers, toast, tea and ginger ale today and was fine until I tried an apple after school:(

I thought it was a flu bug, but my mom pointed out that I had started a new iron supplement and I had wondered if it would be safe for me. I will not take it for a few days and see if my stomach improves.

Well that’s it for me- I have icord handles to make.

Have fun!