It went better than I was expecting!


We started the day with a Halloween parade in the gym. I was a ladybug this year. It went pretty well and I learned a trick from our grade five teacher. I really hate having to walk around in front of all the parents, but I noticed this one teacher walks in the middle of the line beside the kids. I tried this and it was way better!

We got calendar done, did a pumpkin investigation where the kids talked about ribs, seeds, etc.

Then this afternoon we watched a magic school bus video about bats and then the Smurf Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

The kids were so good I’ve decided we’ll just do art and watch movies all year!!

I love the movie time as I got all the Halloween decorations down and my calendar turned over for the new month.


I didn’t actually need to run tonight as I was already at 100.1km for the month, but it was a nice day and I am kind of in the habit of running, so out I went. The 3km went better than I expected!


My market bag has a mistake:(. This knit has been taking forever. I am finally at 11″ of 14″ requirement, but to fix the mistake I would have to rip back to 4″. Anyone want to weigh in?

Well that’s it for me as I’m going to get up early for a workout tomorrow.

Have fun!


PS- I wrote this last night but didn’t realize it hadn’t posted. I had to delete every tag post to get this one to go up. I guess I have to explore a new blog as it’s now saying I’ve used all my available space, not just media space:(

17 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. I love that — for the rest of the year you’ll do movies and art because the children were so good.

    For the mistake on the bag — could you sew on an embroidered flower or figure of some sort?

  2. AJ! I am so excited to have a few moments to pop in your blog. It really makes me so happy!! I thought of you because it’s almost officially time to dive back into Hallmark movies and all things Christmas!! I am STOKED! A ladybug costume sounds adorable. Also, I get so annoyed by WP and their space limitations. So frustrating!!! Keep us posted- I want to make sure I’m following your new space if you make one ❤

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