Why does this day keep showing up???!!!


I had the district in to do their new reading assessments which are exactly the same as the ones I was taught to do 18 years ago so I’m still trying to figure out what’s cutting edge about this?!?!

We got through math and my students seem to be doing well at counting by tens, but I’d better get to assessing them tomorrow before we move onto counting by 5s and they get confused.

We also started a class book about solving problems in peaceful ways. Let’s hope it helps!

We managed to add 6 hearts to our wall today and had no violent incidence. I call that a good day!


We had a meeting about report cards after school but then worked out after that. It seems as though my butt hurts as soon as I get into a lunge position. Maybe my body is protesting! We did:

Lunges with front raises

Lunges with lateral raises

Bird dog/ double crunch

Banded alternating leg raises/ banded squats

Split lunges

Slider froggers/ slider planks

Step ups

Hamstring curls on the medicine ball/ mountain climbers

And between each of these we did a minute of cardio which was froggers, skaters, jogging, squat pulses, reverse mountain climbers, skipping, jacks, and burpees.

There was a little puddle of sweat around me by the end!


Yesterday I spent most of the day reading Melt For You by JR Geissinger. It was so good! It had lots of funny banter between the characters. The plot moved along at a good pace, the characters were interesting and grew a lot, and underlying it all was an important message that I think most women need to hear!

Tonight I started my next NetGalley book which is One Christmas Eve by Shannon Stacey. She is one of my favourite authors and I was laughing out loud by 5 pages in, so I think this one is going to be good too!

Well, I should be knitting, but I think I’m just going to read some more.

Have fun!


28 thoughts on “Monday again

    1. This assessment had the guy doing a picture walk with the whole class. Each student then got a copy of the book and a thinking page on which they were to draw something from the book and could write if they wanted to. We then had five teachers pulling the students one at a time to read the text while doing a running record. There were then five questions which were what will happen next? What did the character do that you like to do? What did you think of the book,why? Can you find the words going and snail? And one other I can’t remember. The children were then asked to identify the beginning sound in five words and then the final sound in five other words. The teacher then highlighted on the performance standards where the students were in each area of reading

      1. Lol how quickly I can block things!! Did it seem just like what we used to do to you? Well other than I never had help doing it before.

      2. It will be interesting to see if we do it again. The only thing I found difficult is that different people have different expectations

  1. I’ve just started a Christmas book, second in one of Phillipa Ashley’s series. I read the summer one and finished it yesterday and the Christmas one is from NetGalley (A Perfect Cornish Christmas). I will have to remind myself to look out for the inevitable third one! Love your workout and your little puddle – good work! I am hoping to get to a Spin class tonight for the first time in aaaaages.

    1. Oh I’ve been eyeing that series on NetGalley but I made the rule to stick with authors I knew on there so I wouldn’t overwhelm myself!
      Oh a spin class always leaves me a puddle. Have fun!

      1. Actually I’m not finding it as good as the Cornish Cafe series, a bit disjointed across the books. I’ll still track down the third one, of course. And spin was GOOD and I didn’t leave a puddle!

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