We actually had thunderous Thursday today because it was a beautiful day, but cold. I should have ran with the kids, but stayed with my co-teacher instead as she needed to vent.

We got through printing, part of a math game, library, and McCracken spelling this afternoon. It was a pretty productive day, but I should probably give my kids centres at some point or they might rebel!

Please knock on every piece of wood you can that our non violent week continues!


I had Bookclub with the kids after school and it was great! We had thirteen kids show up and two of them were boys! It was neat to hear the range of opinions and great that they could support their thoughts!

At home I am reading my newest NetGalley book which is a Lori Foster, always guaranteed to be a good read:)


I’ve gotten one pattern repeat done today and would like to get one more done before bed. I’m definitely going to have to get more than one repeat done a day to get this shawl finished in time!


I ran with the group tonight and did the usual 4.6km. I float along between the two groups, but it’s just nice to have people around!

If I do a run on Saturday and we do ten on Sunday, I should be good on my mileage for this week.


I haven’t been bad at all, but every day I wake up a pound heavier so I’m not a super happy camper right now. I’ll just keep being smart about my choices and hopefully it will pay off soon!

Well that’s it for me!

Have fun!


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