It was a nice day, but definitely not what I expected to do.


I met up with the run group this morning and Dennis and I headed out for a ten km. I was very soon wondering who’s bright idea it was! Dennis had an amazing run and ended up doing 12km as there was no marker at 5. I did 10.6km and was happy with that, especially when my app says it was my fastest run:)

It was a gorgeous day for a run!!


It was a super quick run through the shower and then I went to pick up my parents to see my nephew play football. It was his last game of the season and was a perfect day for football. They lost horribly, but I’m happy to watch my nephew anytime!!


On the way home we stopped at The Gilnetter (a local pub) for lunch and loved the seafood club I shared with my mom.

The only other thing I’ve had today is oatmeal.


I have spent the evening working on my shawl. I can’t believe it took me five pattern repeats to finally figure out how the pattern was working. Sometimes I can be so dense!!! The shawl is going much better now, though it takes almost two hours for each pattern repeat!!! I hope I can get this done in time!

Well, I’m done.

Have fun!


11 thoughts on “Sunday with a Side of Family

  1. Well done on your 10k and look, I can’t knit at ALL – I get confused, honestly, when I have to turn the needles (or whatever you do) and start the next row! So understanding a pattern at all is beyond me!

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