Happy Remembrance Day.


I was on a pretty tight schedule today and had awesome hair so my run had to be very slow and easy so I wouldn’t get too sweaty. I just did 2.85km and called it a day. It was super quiet out! I wonder where everyone was???


I attended the local Remembrance Day parade and service with my family. We laugh that I don’t think I’ve missed a year yet. It was good to see such a big crowd.


My mom and I always go shopping on Remembrance Day. I don’t know when this became tradition, but we decided to keep it going. It felt very disorganized but that might be because I had to go back home for my cards and phone and then we had to go eat as we were both starving. My mom got two warm sweaters and that’s it. I’m going to have to force her to shop again when they come back in December. That is not going to get a person through a BC winter! I got a couple of running items and a few hoodies. It will have to do me until December.


I have been working on the shawl some more but unfortunately am not going to get two full pattern repeats done today. I have to sleep! My eyes keep trying to close. Oh well, I’ll try for more tomorrow.

Have fun!


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