It almost didn’t happen tonight so I’m surprised to be writing that title.


Today was a productive day. We got a journal done and it was finally calm so I got around to all of the children. We also played Around the World, had gym, did their collaborative goals and student perspective for the report card and finished the day with a science experiment about why we have seasons.


I went straight out for a run when I came home from work because I knew I wouldn’t go otherwise:)

My run was 4.15km, not as much as I was planning to do, but there was a group of guys hanging around the far side of the park so I changed my route. I try not to be the dumb girl. I was happy just to get out for some mileage.


I worked on my shawl, but was definitely getting frustrated at the end. It’s probably a good thing I had to go out.


I didn’t think trivia was happening tonight so I had taken a bath and gotten into my jammies. Then one friend said she wanted to go so I got dressed and got my butt out the door.

What I knew:

Who was Sarah Jessica Parker married to?

Matthew Broderick

Who was known as the Bambino?

Babe Ruth

Where will the next winter Olympics be held?

Beijing China

What does the a in 7A road signs mean?


For the music round I only knew a few, but it was a neat concept because the bands went in alphabetical order.

I got Dan and Shea, Florida Georgia Line, Savage Garden, and the Zach Brown Band.

Who was rescued from the cannibals in Swiss Family Robinson?

Man Friday

Who were the boys on the Brady Bunch?

Greg, Peter, Bobby

Which goalie made a posture famous?

Ken Dryden

Which company owns Marks Work Wearhouse?

Canadian Tire

What three words can be made out of allergy?

Largely, gallery, regally

Which country is closest to Germany?


Well that’s it for me!

Have fun!


15 thoughts on “Trivia Tuesday #30

  1. I always love reading about your trivia nights! I have seen several advertised around the area and think of you every time. Once I have the time, I have to work up the courage to go, because I don’t think I’ll know anything! The picture of that tree is just stunning. Glad you were still able to get a run in. Have a great rest of the week!

  2. Sorry to hear about the boys hanging around when you were running – a good choice to avoid. I ran to my friend’s house last night and got confused at a junction in the dark and went very wrong and got myself into quite a skeevy area – I was quite shaken up by that.

    But the next Olympics are in Tokyo, aren’t they?

    1. Oh that would be scary to get disoriented.
      I’m sure it would all be fine, but just try to be safe rather than sorry.
      Sorry I should have been more specific- we were asked about the next winter olympics

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