It was a pretty good day!


My students worked really hard today as they really wanted centres for the last block of the day! We got through printing, counting by 2s and a mini book about seasons, and they got centres.

We had no physical incidences though we did have some rudeness:(

We started report cards after school. You may hear me whimpering for the next two weeks!


After my massage I spent some time reading my kids Bookclub book which is The Problims. So far I’m finding it very weird as it describes the youngest character’s farts. Maybe the kids will really like it.


There were actually seven of us tonight! For the first round:

Who lives across the hall from Sheldon in Yhe Big Bang Theory?


What was Pavel Bure’s nickname?

The Russian Rocket

What is the most well known plug in appliance in the bathroom?

Hair dryer

Put these cities in order of time zones.

Sudbury, Ontario

Brandon, Manitoba

Lethbridge, Alberta

Who was the second president of the US?

John Adams

Spell leprechaun.

It was amazing to know so much for a change!🎉🎊

For music I got Die a Happy Man by Thomas Rhett

Which country does the Himalayan’s not go through?


Which organ in the body makes glucagon?


The principal in Archie comics?

Mr. weatherby

Which NHL player has the most NHL points in the playoffs?

Sidney Crosby

Which blood type is universal?


On which continent are tigers found?


Who composed Fur Elise?


18 thoughts on “Trivia Tuesday #31

  1. Oh goodness, you’ll be glad I’m not in your quiz team, I only knew the blood type answer! In the UK no bathrooms have plug sockets in that fit a hairdryer, you have lower voltage in the US so less chance of fatal electrocution. Random fact for you…may come in handy on a future quiz 😂

  2. Those quiz questions are hard! Some must be multiple choice though so maybe they wouldn’t be as tough seeing some of the other choices haha. Also love Die A Happy Man by Thomas Rhett!

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