Well I had to start sometime, but it’s a good thing I had my colleague to keep me going!


We had a productive day, though the kids were disappointed not to get outside play time at the end of the day.

We got through calendar, some practice of pre-reading strategies , music class, an introduction to place value, and some art that you will hopefully see tomorrow when we finish.

Not a bad day as there was no physicality, though my girl trouble is now making weird noises all the time🙄

After school I sat my butt down in a chair and started in my report cards. For the third year in a row we have a new report card and this one is really different as it’s online:(. I really wanted to give up after three, but my co-teacher kept me going and I did get the planned four done✅


It was another dark run, but it got done. I had 4.31km in before I realized it, but I think it was fueled by the rude runners I came across:(. They didn’t make space and forced me off the sidewalk and blinded me with their headlamps😖. No wonder I have to teach courtesy and good manners to my students when adults don’t even have them!


I’m pretty close to having another market bag done. I need to get this one done tonight as I have a toque to start tomorrow!


As I knit away, I watched Flip That Romance which was a very cute and timely movie. I definitely liked the girl’s renovation better though!


I’ve had another day of stomach problems. At one point this morning I wondered if I’d have to run out on my students. I stuck with crackers, toast, tea and ginger ale today and was fine until I tried an apple after school:(

I thought it was a flu bug, but my mom pointed out that I had started a new iron supplement and I had wondered if it would be safe for me. I will not take it for a few days and see if my stomach improves.

Well that’s it for me- I have icord handles to make.

Have fun!


14 thoughts on “A Start

  1. I hate when people (walkers, runners, bikers, etc.) are rude on paths. Stay on the right side of the road and be done. I’m probably guilty of the headlamp since sometimes I’ll see someone but won’t make the connection to move my headlamp so it’s not blinding them. It’s not on purpose and just zoning out forgetting it’s there!

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