Today I am grateful for the little things!


I met up with Dennis fifteen minutes early so Brenda and James wouldn’t need to wait too long for us. I tried to keep up with him on the way out which is always a mistake as it means I go out way too fast and then die on the way back! I laughed when I yelled that we were at 5km and he said I had to keep going until the truck in case we were short going back. How are we going to be short??? We just ran it! In the end we ended up with 10.42km. These longer runs have definitely been good for me, though I am noticing that my weights workouts haven’t been consistent lately.


After a quick coffee, I was off to meet up with Lyndsay to go to the Local Love Pop Up Market. It had 67 vendors and I swear 60 of them were baby focused! Needless to say, I didn’t buy a thing! It was neat to go and look and once again I was shocked at what people were asking for their homemade goods!


I am still working on the mommy daughter hat and thinking of ripping it out again to do it on bigger needles. One side is going well, but the other seems to be off:(


This evening, after a nap, we had Bookclub, but it turned out to be a short one. We had all enjoyed the book, Becoming by Michelle Obama so there wasn’t any arguments. I have to admit I left early because one of the other girls was annoying me. Since she started every Bookclub has turned into her talking about her lupus. I get that it impacts her life immensely and is horrible to live with, but can we please let someone else talk about a different topic??

The food was as marvelous as ever!

I admit I ate more than I have been lately, but for Bookclub I was super good. The only thing not pictured is the one cookie I ate.


I am grateful for a running buddy who pushes me!

I am grateful for a friend who will go out with me to events I know nothing about.

I am grateful for my very comfortable condo and bed.

I am grateful for the rainbow I saw on the way to Bookclub and the moment it provided with the couple in the car beside me.

I am grateful for a Bookclub that accepts my meager offering of a veggie platter when I need sleep too much to spend time in the kitchen.

I am thankful for Hallmark movies that soothe me.

I am thankful for knitting that keeps me on my toes.

Well that’s it for me, have fun!


7 thoughts on “Grateful Sunday

  1. A rainbow in November would be such a treat! That’s funny that Dennis told you to run to the truck just in case you were short. It’s happened to me where I leave my building, run halfway, turn around and then have to run past my building since I’m somehow short. Doesn’t make sense so now I go a little farther and then just walk a little home if necessary lol.

    1. It is a great part of Thanksgiving, but I really think we all need to have it be part of our life every day:)
      Yay for 9000 steps, that’s great!

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