It wasn’t a bad day, though I sure spent a lot of time waiting.


We got through the day but the children were so chatty!! We did a journal where a few kids decided to write about what they would do if they were the teacher. It appears there would be a lot of math and centres.

We got through some more practice of place value. It’s funny that so many of my children seem to have a block against this during math, but do it during calendar every day!🙄

This afternoon we made predictions and then read the book Zoozical. Such a cute book and good for making predictions because the cover doesn’t give much away.

After work I wrote another four report cards. That makes 11 done which is almost half the class. Hopefully I will be done on Thursday night!


I seem to be getting better about getting my butt out the door whether I want to or not. I got 3.8km in before I stopped for my peanut butter search.


I have spent all night working on the mommy daughter hat and have finally successfully made it to row 16. I definitely have to concentrate, but it’s been a good challenge!


Not a perfect day because there were tortilla chips at school:(

Have fun!


12 thoughts on “PB Hunt

    1. Oh I love Pb and like Vancouver Island brand best, but it’s really tough to find. I ended up with a different brand last night and will have to drive over to a different store and see if they have the stuff I like

      1. Ah okay! I get what you mean about liking your brand. Once Costco didn’t have their brand peanut butter and I was so mad lol. Got a small jar from the grocery store then stocked up the next time I was at Costco. Hopefully the store you try today will have your brand!

  1. What are centres? A good day, anyway. Well done on your progress with the hat. I didn’t get my steps in today as was travelling back from Spain – 5391 steps so far but I did 25,000+ yesterday so …

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