I got cold and I stayed that way:(


We had a pretty good day. Our 12 Days of Giving began today which is a foodbank donation fundraiser. Each day students are encouraged to bring different items and the three classes down our end are having a friendly competition to see which class can bring the most donations. So far:

Miss B: 34🎊🎉

Mrs. T: 24

Miss D: 14

I got through an assessment of place value and feel as though the next two days will be enough. I have a couple of children who don’t get it, but we’ll continue to do it in calendar all year and I don’t want to bore 20 for the sake of 2. I will try to pull them for the next couple of days and give them some extra practice.

This afternoon we tackled pointillism in art. We talked about George Seurat and did a directed drawing of a landscape. Tomorrow they will get to “colour” it using dots.

We were seduced by the sunshine and went outside at the end of the day. Unfortunately it was only two degrees and super windy so I became frozen very quickly! I have stayed a popsicle since then despite tea, fireplace, and blankets:(

I did get another four report cards written after school today and that leaves only three left to do tomorrow. I know my mom will be just so excited to hear that she gets to proofread them for me! My principal has said he doesn’t read them so I need someone to go through them as after a while I lose track of what they really say.


I stopped and grabbed milk and then sat my butt down to work on the mommy daughter hat. I have finally gotten to the body and will hopefully pick up speed now:). I just hope it all works out. It looks so different to me from the pattern picture.


Since I was just too cold to go outside for a run tonight, I decided to do an L workout instead. I did three sets of 45 seconds each of the following:

Single leg squat, deep squat, reverse lunge, wall sit

I then did 45 seconds of high knees and a minute of plank.

Then I did 3 sets of 45 seconds of: tricep extensions, bicep curls, push-up to downward dog.

Then another 45 seconds of high knees and another one minute plank.

Finally I did 3 sets of 45 seconds of:

Knee tucks, scissor legs, reverse curls

And a final 45 seconds of high knees and a minute plank.


I’m hoping that this workout along with my good eating today will get me moving again:)

I’ve had: a rice cake with Pb, cheese and jam, a 1/2 cup of applesauce, chicken ranch salad, a hard boiled egg, cheese on cucumber and one celery stalk with dill dip.

Hmmm that’s more than I thought I’d had, but at least it’s mainly all vegetables.

Now I’m going to crash into bed. I was supposed to get to watch a movie tonight!

Have fun!


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