My day started very interestingly when my tooth fell out when I was flossing:(


We got through the day with a phonics lesson, which I just realized I forgot to show the video for🤦🏼‍♀️

We practiced some more place value, had library, and worked on our pointillism art, though we still are not done. Hopefully tomorrow!

After school I finished writing the last three report cards and emailed them off to my mom. I’m just so glad to have a rough draft done! I’ll reread them after my mom and then consider them good enough. I’ve learned that i can spend forever on them and never be completely happy!


I had called this morning and thankfully they were able to fit me in this evening at the dentist. They wedges my tooth back in and cemented it down and let’s just hope it stays in place through Christmas!


I watched Easter Under Wraps tonight and it was super cute! I think going back to tradition is super popular right now and I do appreciate a lot of it. Sometimes what was is better:)

Well that’s it for me!

Have fun!


20 thoughts on “Woah, that wasn’t supposed to happen!

      1. So many people have said that but I have never had that dream though this is the second time I’ve had a tooth fall out in real lifw

      1. Thank you! My teeth and mouth seem to cause me nothing but trouble but I suppose it could be worse so I won’t complain:)

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