I can’t believe it’s almost December!


I got to sleep in this morning but then had to drag myself out for a run. I was 10.8km short of 100km for the month and figured I could do a ten k. At 2.5km I seriously thought about turning around and just calling it a day at 5km, but I had set it up that I was doing 8 and 1s today since my brain wasn’t in it. It really seemed to help today to only have to think about doing 8 minutes because the next thing i knew I was at 10.22km. I still won’t quite hit 100km for the month, but I’m happy enough with 99.4.


I’ve had my rice cake with Pb & j, a piece of lemon cheesecake and 2/3 of a veggie wrap.

I had a coupon for a free piece of cheesecake from Green Mustache. I tried to go on Thursday night but they only had turmeric ginger cheesecake- not what I wanted! Today I did get a veggie wrap and lemon cheesecake, but it was painful trying to purchase it and they told me my gift card had no money on it. Grrrr!


When I first got my smartphone I planned to use it as my running watch. This plan hasn’t quite gone as planned as sometimes it’s annoying to have to carry a phone when I don’t have pockets, or like today, my phone starts acting weird and the tracking ends early:( (did it really happen if it’s not recorded???)

So I did some research yesterday as my SIL loves her Fitbit Versa, but after reading that they weren’t always accurate for runs, I decided to go for a sports watch as my primary reason for having it was to track runs. I saw the running watches were on sale at my local Runner’s Den so I went looking after my run. I ended up with a Garmin Forerunner 35 as it’s the smallest sports watch they offer. What is even better is that with the two gift cards I got last year form my class, I got it for free:) I actually even have $8 leftover:). I just hope it works well!


I am working on the run if my mommy daughter hat and am so close to being done. It should happen tonight! It’s been a much easier knit since I got to move to knitting in the round.


I met up with our secretary today to see the movie, Last Christmas. This movie so didn’t go how I was expecting! I can’t say much as it would give way too many spoilers, but it didn’t go as I planned. It was a nice movie I would recommend, but it won’t make it into my top ten rom coms. I did like this line from it though:

“Take good care of my heart It was meant to be yours somehow”

I also watched some Hallmark movies today. I haven’t let myself start the Christmas movies so yesterday day I watched From Friend to Fiancé . It was cute and I liked how no one got hurt in the movie. I thought it was going to follow the movie My Best Friend’s Wedding, but I actually like how this one ends better!

Today I watched Love Under the Rainbow which was also satisfying. I really want that teacher’s class though!


I finally finished Neanderthal Marries Human by Penny Reid. This book took me a long time to get through! I really want to read book five in this series, but I think I might break my own rule and just read that one.

Well I wish I was staying up later, but that is just not happening.

Have fun!


22 thoughts on “It Was Time

  1. I saw Last Christmas this week – I found it rather relate-able, the whole getting back to “normal”… But the ending wasn’t how I expected. I sort of expecting a sad ending but not like that. I thought it was beautiful, but like you, I wouldn’t put it in the top 10. I would definitely watch it again though!

      1. Lol for sure! I’m not sure it really could have ended any other way, though maybe with her meeting someone would have been nice

  2. I have the Garmin FR35 and it works pretty well, on the treadmill it is not very accurate for the distance and the heart rate while running can be wonky. However, it does everything that I need and once you get Garmin Connect figured out on your phone it can give some pretty solid data on your running and some other health metrics that can be enlightening or at least interesting. 🙂

    1. Ok that’s good to hear! I did put the app on my phone so hopefully that will help. I have to admit to not paying much attention to my heart rate so that doesn’t bother me, but it does worry me that you say the distance is out:(. For the rest of this year I’ll be using the new watch and runkeeper on my phone so we’ll see what the difference is I guess

  3. I have a Fitbit Inspire and I like it!! I use it for a watch mostly and for tracking everything, so I can sync with an app called Achievement. It assigns point values to various Fitbit loggings and you gain points each day. Once you get to 10,000 points, you get $10 free! I’ve done it once before and I’m halfway through the second time!

    1. Oh that’s so cool! I used to be able to do that with carrot, but that app folded:( it was awesome though as I earned scene points and could go to the movies for free

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