Happy New Year!

It has been a relatively quiet day, which isn’t a bad way to end off the year and the decade.

I spent a lot of time today getting all of my new clothes entered into my Stylebook app. I appreciate this app as it lets me keep tabs on what I wear in my wardrobe and what I should let go. Lots of my friends tease me about it, but it has definitely helped me step up and buy good clothing when I see how little cost per wear they end up being.


I grabbed my mom and then did a few boring errands. I bought a ton of treats for tonight and now feel like I have eaten way too much!


I ended up watching two Hallmark Christmas movies so ended up exercising twice. I did:

36 reverse lunges

30 crunches

10 pushups

40 jacks

20 squats

20 plié squats

25 curtsy lunges

10 burpees

10 dips

20 high knees

60 squats with side leg lift

20 reverse crunches

20 side kicks

26 front kicks

50 mountain climbers

10 supermen

16 shoulder taps

10 side shuffles (both ways is 1)

10 knee raises

16 lateral lunges per side


I have watched Picture a Perfect Christmas and Mistletoe and Menorahs. They were both fun.

I am now trying to identify elements that are in lots of non seasonal hallmark movies so I can keep the exercise regimen going.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

Going for a walk or run

Getting coffee

Eating a meal together

Playing with a dog

Conversation with mom or dad


Going shopping

Arguing or bantering

Laughing together

Baking or cooking together

Town scene or montage

If anyone has any other elements, I’d love to hear them!


I wanted to save the last day of Abbey’s Blogmas until today since it’s about New Year’s Eve.

Oh and if you haven’t visited Abbey’s site, you really should! She has an awesome post about what she thought her year would be like. It’s so neat!

New Year’s Eve has never really been a huge event in my life. As a kid we did a jigsaw puzzle and banged pots and pans at midnight. As a teenager/20 year old, I went to parties with my brother and his friends. Now I mostly just spend a quiet night at home doing my usual movies, books and knitting. One thing I do think about are my goals.

Goals for 2020:

I am very goal oriented and can become obsessed with accomplishing so I try not to make too many set in stone goals. Some things I want to keep in mind this year are:

Eat to fuel my running and be healthy.

Run consistently.

Do a workout every time I watch a hallmark movie.

Knit sweaters, hats and scarves for myself.

Knit from my stash

Keep track of my exercise and finances the old fashioned way.

Read more non-fiction.

Well I’m sure there are lots of other things I’ll come up with along the way, but this is good for a start:)

Happy New Year everyone and have fun!


Crafting 2019

It was a pretty good year of crafting for me. I reached and surpassed my goal of 40 projects this year and only a few were super small.

The stash is still way too big as I went a little crazy visiting all the yarn shops on the island while I was away on holidays, but it is nice to have some new yarn! Knitting from the stash will have to remain a goal for 2020 I think.

So what did I make?

I made:

10 market bags

7 cowls

7 sweaters

5 baby sweaters

3 hats

2 headbands

2 shawls

2 scarves

1 pair of handwarmers

I am pretty happy with everything I have made this year:)

My goals:

I want to continue to knit from my stash. I’m going to need to come up with some big projects to use up some of this yarn in a hurry!

I want to make more TinCanKnits patterns. I always love their patterns and bought myself five of them at KnitCity so want to get those made up. I’m actually already working on a new TinCanKnits project right now:)

I want to make sweaters, hats and scarves for myself so that I have a variety of colors to choose from!

Well that should be enough to keep me busy for the year!

Have fun!


Shopping, shopping, shopping…

Well I bought lots today, now I just need the motivation to use it all.

I spent the morning figuring out my running stats for the past year. I am happy with the fact that my faster runs have gotten faster:) I am forgiving myself for not having my average pace continue to improve as I see I started slowing g down in September which is about when I started feeling really tired. Hopefully my iron infusions starting this week will help solve this problem, and I’ll become rocket fast (🤪🤣 or at least continue to slowly improve).


My friend Allison has told me about a kids consignment store yesterday at brunch so this morning I called to see if they were open. They were and the woman was even kind enough to check to see if they had my favourite exercise brand in stock.

I grabbed my mom and set off. Not For Long in Surrey was an awesome kids consignment store. It was bright, well organized and the clerk was super helpful without being pushy or in the way. The prices were very reasonable and they had a good selection of both new and used. It was a very fun time and I came out with:

2 short sleeved running shirts

6 running tanks

2 sweaters

1 pair of running tights

2 long sleeves running jackets

And all for a price I was willing to pay:)

It was a long drive there and back so mom and I shared fish and chips at the pub.

Of course the pub is right across the square from the running store so I had to look in there as I missed the big Boxing Day sale as I was away. I guess sometimes it’s good to be a weird size as I found a new pair of running shoes, two running tanks (I’ve never regretted any Smartwool purchase), a long sleeved warm jacket and a cute dry fit dress.

I definitely needed to go home and put my Visa card away!!! Though thankfully I used up a few gift cards at the running store:)


I have spent the evening finishing off my last two market bags. I got them done and this allowed me to make my goal of knitting projects for the year🎉🎊

There will be a craft review post tomorrow:)


I did finally do another Hallmark workout this evening which puts me up to date and will allow me to binge watch some more tomorrow.

I did: 10 reverse lunges per leg, 35 crunches, 35 dips, 25 jacks, 20 squats, 35 plié squats, 10 curtsy lunges, 5 burpees and 15 high knees per side. I also did a minute of toe taps in between each exercise.

It did drive me a little crazy not to run today, but I don’t want to make a lie of my stats, so no running until Wednesday!

Well I’m going to go try to determine my next knitting project.

Have fun!


My Year of Running

Well I made my running goal of 1200km yesterday morning so it was time to sit down and figure out the stats. I have to say I was not happy with RunKeeper as first there was no celebration of my making my goal and secondly I had to go through and figure out my monthly stats myself as I couldn’t find them anywhere on the app:(

For the Year:

I ran 1,201.7km.

I ran 282 times

I burned 56,075 calories.

I climbed 7,559.3 meters

I spent 146 hours 17 minutes and 13 seconds running.

I ran the most times and spent the most time running in July.

I am perfectly split between running most in the morning or in the evening.

I have gotten faster over the year, but I definitely slowed down from September on.

Now to break it down monthly…


21 activities


4.64km was my average run length.

I spent 12 hours,27 minutes and 85 seconds running.

I was out an average of 35:08 for each run.

My slowest pace was: 10:01.

My fastest pace was: 6:41

And my average pace was: 7:49

Saturday was my most common run day.

I did most runs after 4pm.




Average kms: 4.51

Total time: 10:13:68

Average time out: 34:18

Slowest pace: 9:47

Fastest pace: 6:38

Average pace: 7:41

Most common day: Monday, Thursday, Saturday

Most common time: after 4pm


Activities: 29


Avg kms: 4.31

Total time: 15:14:16

Avg time out: 30:50

Slowest pace: 9:20

Fastest pace: 6:25

Most common day: Thursday

Most common time: morning




Avg kms: 4.32

Total time: 10:05:01

Avg time out: 33:50

Slowest pace: 10:46

Fastest pace: 6:42

Avg pace: 7:25

Most common day: Saturday and Sunday

Most common time: evening




Avg kms:4.35

Total time: 12:42:33

Avg time out: 32:41

Slowest pace: 10:15

Fastest pace: 6:22

Avg pace: 7:15

Most common day: Monday

Most common time: evening




Avg kms: 3.84

Total time: 12:41:11

Avg time out: 29:03

Slowest pace: 10:24

Fastest pace: 6:35

Avg pace: 7:15

Most common day: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday

Most common time: morning



Kms: 119.7

Avg kms: 3.86

Total time: 16:07:21

Avg time out: 30:33

Slowest pace: 11:51

Fastest pace: 6:42

Avg pace: 7:26

Most common day: Wednesday and Thursday

Most common time: morning


Activities: 25

Kms: 104.85

Avg kms: 4.19

Total time: 12:10:83

Avg time out: 29:06

Slowest pace: 9:25

Fastest pace: 6:29

Avg pace: 7:19

Most common day: Thursday and Friday

Most common time: morning


Activities: 26

Kms: 103.03

Avg kms: 3.96

Total time: 12:24:38

Avg time out: 28:26

Slowest pace: 8:54

Fastest pace: 6:22

Achieved pace: 7:31

Most common day: Sunday

Most common time: morning


Activities: 24

Kms: 103.15

Avg kms: 4.3

Total time: 12:14:40

Avg time out: 28:26

Slowest pace: 8:54

Fastest pace: 6:22

Avg pace: 7:31

Most common day: Thursday

Most common time: evening



Kms: 103.86

Avg kms: 4.5

Total time: 11:34:80

Avg time out: 30.00

Slowest pace: 8:00

Fastest pace: 6:12

Avg pace: 7:11

Most common day: Sunday

Most common time: evening


Activities: 18


Avg kms: 4.74

Total time: 10:24:45

Avg time out: 33:21

Slowest pace: 7:53

Fastest pace: 6:30

Average pace: 7:11

Most common day: Friday

Most common time: morning

Well now I just have to set up a. Ok to track all of this stuff all year so I don’t have to spend a day figuring it all out at the end!

I also need to figure out what my goal for next year is going to be. I’ve done a speed goal, I’ve done a mileage goal. Anyone have any good ideas?

Have fun!


Grateful Sunday

It was a really good day and so nice to be home I’m familiar ground again. I didn’t realize how tense I was just driving when I had no idea where I was going and was in an unfamiliar car.

Grateful: For the opportunity and resources to be able to have a family Christmas vacation and all that family time.

Grateful: for a comfortable home that makes me happy and safe.


I finally got back to normal! I met up with my regular running buddies Brenda, Sarah and Dennis. James couldn’t join us as he dell off his roof and hurt himself. I can’t wait to hear this story!

We did a run of the river and it was great that Sarah came along so I had someone to run with and yet Dennis got a good run in:). It wasn’t super busy and it didn’t rain so definitely a win win!

The river on a Fall day.

I did meet my goal today so there will be a running review up tomorrow, but I was disappointed that RunKeeper doesn’t celebrate meeting a goal at all- the goal just disappears:(

Grateful: For all my awesome running buddies.

Grateful: For the animals in my life that provide me with lots of cuddles. Kula was a smuggler today:)

Friendship/ Eating:

I ran home and cleaned up and then met up with a couple of friends for brunch. It was Allison’s last day in town so I was happy to get one more meetup. We went to Wendel’s in Fort Langley. This place is always super busy! I got there early and had a few minutes to peruse the bookstore part of the establishment. Lots of cool knitting books, but all too expensive:(

I had three choices for brunch and went with the avocado Benny which as my mom says was just avocado and eggs on gf toast along with some tomatoes. It was still super yummy though!

We then wandered the Main Street and through the grocery store where I picked up a few gf/df treats.

Grateful: for friends who are easy to be with no matter how long it’s been:)

Grateful: to live in a place where there are options for me when I go out:)


I grabbed my mom and hot Costco for gas and food. My dad has given me the idea of buying steak at Costco and just freezing it for my regular Sunday lunch as this way I would be able to afford better steak. I ended up with steak, shrimp, yogurt and cucumbers. It’s going to be interesting meals, but I never know if I should bother shopping when I’m on holidays as it always seems like I’m out a lot. We shall see, but hopefully I didn’t waste my money.

We carried on to the clothing store where I immediately found the red winter wool jacket I had wanted. It must have been my day for red as i also found a red and white striped shirt and a red sweater. Now I just have to get rid of a few things from my wardrobe to make room for this new stuff! One of my goals on this week off is to get all my closets tidied and everything entered into my app.

Grateful: to have my mom for company as I was running errands. It makes the tedious time go so much quicker.

Grateful: to have made peace with my body so that I can feel comfortable wearing bright colours. I know I’m not perfect at this, but I’m a whole lot better than I used to be!

Reading/ Listening:

I listened to another episode of the Not Your Mom’s aromanxw book club podcast and found another book I want to read. I’ve decided that I’m still going to read lots of romance next year, but I will try for one non fiction book a month.

Grateful: for this podcast that keeps me entertained while I knit tedious sections.

Grateful: for the variety and number of books I have available to me!


I rewatched Write Vefore Christmas as I hadn’t managed to do a workout to this movie the first time i watched it. I really enjoyed this book and it reminded me of Love Actually with its multiple story lines.

I ended up doing a 17:30 workout with a minute of jogging between moves. I did: 30 reverse lunges, 37 crunches, 37 reverse crunches, 5 pushups, 20 jacks, 5 burpees, 25 curtsy lunges, 10 high knees, 25 squats, 15 plié squats.

I know it’s not a ton, but I figure it has to be better than nothing! I’m thinking that I’d like to come up with a similar workout for non Christmas hallmark movies that I could do throughout the next year. If anyone has ideas of elements that are in lots of Hallmark movies, please let me know:)

Grateful: for hallmark that produces feel good movies

Grateful: for the clever person that came up with the hallmark workout so I can combine two of my favourite things and not feel guilty about sitting watching a movie.


Not fabulous, but not as horrible as lately. I think I will still give myself a couple of days before I get on the scale.

I had: half a tortilla with peanut butter, the avocado and egg on toast, shrimp plate,1/3 of ginger cookie, 1/3 of chocolate chip cookie ( neither were very good) and 1/2 of peanut butter bar ( delicious)!

Well I’m off to start a new book.

Have fun!


2019 Reading Review

It was a very long travel day, but we all survived and made it home safely.  I was the random person who got their phone tested. I could have told them there’s only chips, sweets, book ink and yarn fiber on it🤣


I spent much of the day finishing a NetGalley read, called Between Friends by Elsa Miles.

This is the story of Tessa and Jordan. They have been friends since they grew up on neighboring farms in Wyoming. However, can they become more?

This is a friends to lovers trope that is quite successful though it is a very slow burn.

The hero and heroine are interesting and dynamic characters who remain true to themselves.

The one element I questioned was that if these two were such good friends wouldn’t they be better at talking things out?

I had decided that as I met my goals in each area, I would do a review if that part of my life and since yesterday I made my goodreads goal, that means I am starting with my year in reading.

I have recorded 100 books read on Goodreads though this does not include the books I read to my students every day. I can only imagine how many books I read in the classroom!

So some stats:

100 books

30,502 pages

Average length is 305 pages

The most popular book I read this year was Where the Crawdads Sing

My average rating is 4.2 on Goodreads

I have read 21 books for NetGalley

I have read 10 books recommended or read by the Not Your Mom’s Romance Book Club.



Fiction: 16

Historical: 10

Romance: 67🤣

I think my goal next year is to read some non fiction!

Ok off to not read🤣

Have fun!



The Last Day of Family Vacation

It was a much more low key day today.


I hung out for the morning and then went for a run around the neighborhood. It was just 3.6km but it felt amazing to be able to be in capris and a tank in December!


I’ve been working my way through Chasing Stanley by Deirdre Martin, but I’m not loving it.


I ran out with my SIL to grab KFC for dinner but then went out after dinner to Nordstrom Rack. I had seen very cute Toms on sale but they didn’t have them there. I did find some of my underwear though so it wasn’t a completely wasted trip.

It was nice to have sunshine and warmth today, but it will also be nice to go home and have all my amenities around me. The Airbnb has been great space, but it isn’t great about having the little things you need.

That’s it for me!

Have fun!


Boxing Day Like No Other

At home this is the biggest shopping day of the year, but down here it felt like just another day.


I spent most of the day reading Yule Be Mine by Lori Foster. This book has four short holiday stories. I appreciated that all of the stories were different enough that it didn’t feel like I was repeating anything. It was an easy holiday read and the short length helped me be part of things with my family.


Thankfully this afternoon my SIL agreed to go for a hike with me. I’m lucky I’ve had my SIL here to do things with! We went and walked part of the Cove to Lake Trail. The trail is very well marked and easy to follow. We saw every type of weather out there though! It was neat to see some local terrain and check out the mountains.

This evening it has just been reading and visiting.

Have fun!


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone!


My sister in law and I went out for a 6.3km run this morning. She sure gets me to run faster than I ever think I can. I did discover that my Garmin sure tells me a lot more than I realized.

Other than a quick trip to the grocery store I have just spent my day reading and visiting with family. We managed to get through the day with just one yelling match- not bad🤣

I hope Christmas has been wonderful for everyone!

Have fun!


Happy Christmas Eve

It was a lovely day!


I went for a run around the larger block loop with my sister in law. Boy is she fast! It was nice to catch up though. We also had a discussion on whether fruit hanging over the fence is free game?🤣


I went with my middle brother, his wife and two kids to Joshua Tree Park. It was just so beautiful and so different from home! We walked through the cactus garden and climbed some of the jumbo rocks. It was cool to see such different terrain, but it was also packed!


After getting back and enjoying my dad’s amazing spaghetti, I finished up the market bag I had been working on.


I started watching White Christmas with my niece, but ended up having to go to bed.

Well I’m off to enjoy my family. Merry Christmas!