I started the holiday season off in the best way!


My run this morning turned into a walk since my running buddy has been sick all week and Brenda would have been left on her own. I have to admit my calves were also happy for the break. We did a lovely 2.24 miles around the park. This seemed as challenging as running since Brenda walks really fast!

I ended up going for a run this evening and got 4.5km in. I tested out my new watch on this run and my mom absolutely loved the live tracking feature as she can watch me do my run on a map. Thankfully I can also send out an alert if I get hurt. I liked this feature of Garmin since I run alone so often. I really wish I could figure out how to have my weight in pounds and everything else in metric on this Garmin though! I just don’t think in miles!


I did end up finishing up the Mommy daughter hat last night.

This is a new pattern from Zanete Knits and it should be available soon. It was a quick knit and it turned out super squishy! I used Regia sock yarn so it’s not even itchy:)

Of course I spent about five minutes without a project and promptly casted on the Head in the Clouds sweater. So far, it’s going well:)


My friend had arranged to take me for high tea for my birthday. I was super excited about this as I used to love going for tea, but these days my allergies keep me from going. The Neverland Tea Salon however has a high tea that is both dairy free and gluten free and we were lucky enough to hit the first day of their Holiday tea as well. It was amazing!

I didn’t eat before or after and was still stuffed! I actually felt like one of those baby birds that eats three times their own body weight and then can’t move for several hours!! When I walked into the tea salon I was shocked at how busy it was, but amazingly it didn’t bother me once we were settled. I had the Heavenly Cream tea (no dairy) and it was a lovely afternoon! It’s also cool as this tea salon has been the location for a few Hallmark films🤣


I had promised myself that I could enjoy one Christmas Hallmark movie per day in the month of December. Tonight it was A Christmas Detour with Candace Cameron Bure and Paul Greene. I wonder if he always plays characters who have been dumped by a girlfriend or fiancé and is now cynical about love? It was a cute movie.

A friend had sent me a workout plan based on watching Hallmark movies and I took the challenge of doing it based on this movie. I think I got off really easy with this one. I ended up having to do:

50 crunches because they said Merry Christmas ten times

5 jumping jacks because they had one mug of a hot drink,

10 burpees as they mentioned holiday traditions twice,

15 squats for the Christmassy Inn name they showed three times,

15 plié squats because of three incidences with mistletoe,

5 pulse squats because we see one Santa

5 curtsy lunges because they show decorating once

It was kind of neat to do this because not only did I pay close attention to the move, I also had a different workout than usual:)

Well I’m going back to knitting.

Have fun!


24 thoughts on “The Beginning of the Season

  1. I love the hat! And it’s awesome that you got to have high tea (tbh not sure what it is??) for your birthday.

  2. I know there is a way to change to metric on Garmin. Honestly I always Google what to do so give that a try.
    My mom and sister went to high tea once and the three of us want to go. It looks so fun! Glad you were able to find a place that was accommodating to your allergies.

    1. High tea is always a great time with a group of women because it lends itself to lots of talking time:)
      I did google changing the units but it seems to change everything and I can’t do my weight in kg🤣

      1. Now I really want to do a high tea since it sounds like fun!
        That’s annoying that you can’t just switch certain things! Maybe trying going into the activity settings on your watch to see if you can switch it to km there? I don’t have my watch on me otherwise I’d try it out to see if it would work

      1. Yep I really am commenting on a post from just over a year ago. Today I watched about 12 hours of Hallmark type movies but a lot made in Canada? Anyway I thought of your workouts but didn’t move off the sofa. Are you able to do an up to date blog post with all the exercises and what in the movie triggers them please. I feel I need some pushing off the sofa. Thanks

      2. Oh sure! I was planning to do one of those workouts tonight so this request will just make sure that I do that

    1. They are fun workouts:). The tea was amazing but I’ll need a smaller one next time!
      The watch is good so far. I learn something new about it each day.

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