It was a pretty nice day all around, though it still feels like work to breathe.


I got out for a run with Dennis this morning while Brenda and James walked. We were supposed to do 10km but we got talking and didn’t start running right away so it ended up being 7.3km. I am just fine with that. Neither Dennis nor I can figure out why we were slower this morning, but we were. Maybe I spent too much time admiring the sunrise.

This afternoon I got another Hallmark movie workout done. I changed it up so that each movie item coincided with two exercises.

I ended up doing:

30 crunches and 30 reverse crunches

10 jacks and 10 cross jacks

15 burpees and 15 mountain climbers each side

15 squats and 15 deep squats

5 plié squats and 5 pulsing squats

15 curtsy lunges each side and 15 lateral lunges each side

In between each of these I put a minute of with jogging or skaters.

I think I’m liking these workouts because every one is different, though I realize I’m not going to build much muscle with them. Oh well, at least I’m moving a bit.

I’m grateful for the beautiful place I live in and the many outdoor places I have available to run. I’m grateful for running buddies who keep me going and make me laugh even when I’m dying. I’m also grateful for the body that allows me to do all these things.


I made a gluten free, dairy free trifle today. I did Schar gf/df ladyfingers, a layer of raspberries, then a layer of chocolate pudding made with almond milk, then a layer of So Delicious Coco Whip. I then repeated them all again and topped it with more fresh raspberries. It was very delicious and went over well at Bookclub.

I’m grateful that I love to spend time in the kitchen and that there are becoming more options for me all the time. I’m also grateful to have a grocery store that carries lots of allergy free options. I’m grateful for the Bookclub girls who willingly eat what I make and provide so many laughs:)


I finished the kids Bookclub book today, Turtle in Paradise by Jennifer Holm. This was such a great book! It is about Turtle, a little girl who has to go live with her aunt in Key West during the depression. It was fast paced, the characters were awesome and it made the depression really understandable for kids. It’s told from the perspective of Turtle and so from a kids perspective. I would highly recommend this book and In fact, I’ve read Holm’s other book The Thirteenth Goldfish and loved it too.

I’m grateful for wonderful authors and for getting to share books with the older kids at school.


My Christmas movie for today was Pride, Prejudice and Mistletoe. It was super cute, though perhaps a little tough to tell who was supposed to be who at times. I think I have it straight now, but who knows. As a cute Christmas movie it was entertaining:)

I’m grateful that there must be other people who like these movies like I do so Hallmark keeps making them:)


We had our Christmas meeting of Bookclub today. This is the time when we choose our books for next year. It was better this time than last, perhaps because here were six of us and so the new girl didn’t get to talk continuously! None of my books were chosen for next year, but that’s okay. I will probably still read them myself:)

Well I have to get to bed.

Have fun!


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