It was such a day- Monday, concert and December. It’s a trifecta of doom for teachers!


We got jobs and journals done this morning. The kids were super excited to tell me what they would do if they were the elf on the shelf!

After recess we had our dress rehearsal. It went okay, though we had to move some children around and encourage our speakers to slooooow down! We will see how tomorrow goes!

This afternoon we started a Christmas mini book, practiced our song and played outside.

Most of the children were okay, but my little girl had quite the day! She started by kicking another little girl this morning and then went downhill from there:(

After school we finished imputing our report cards into the computer. Hopefully it all worked! We were rewarded with a beautiful sunset!


One of the teachers brought Western Family Turkey and Stuffing kettle chips today. They were very tasty though I would say they taste more like sour cream and onion than anything else.


I got out for a short run this evening. I’ve been dragging all day so didn’t push the pace or the distance- didn’t even do the loop of the library or go all the way through the park.

I also did a short Hallmark movie workout. I ended up doing:

30 curtsy lunges/ 30 lateral lunges

20 squats with leg lift / 20 pulsing squats

10 plié squats/ 10 froggers

25 squats/ 25 deep squats

20 burpees/ 20 mountain climbers

10 pushups/ 10 dips

25 jacks/ 25 cross jacks

85 crunches/ 85 reverse crunches

In between each I did a minute of either jogging or fast feet.

I am thinking that I should pick new exercises at the start of each movie so that I keep targeting different muscles.


Tonight I watched Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa. It was a very cute movie, but I wish I had watched the first one again first as I couldn’t remember what happened with Ali in the last movie.

Well I need sleep!

Have fun!


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