The day went okay, but my kids were quite rude this afternoon and so got 15 minutes of centres rather 45.

We got a couple of pages of our mini book on Christmas done, and wrote about singing at the Christmas concert.


After work I went off to the doctor. He told me that he would refer me to an internist and it would take 1-2 months to see him and get order for iron infusions. He told me togo to ER, so I did. Spent the evening getting iron pumped into me.

It’s funny, when I went for my blood tests the lab techs said I need a new doctor. This evening at the hospital, the nurses and doctors said I need a new doctor. The people at work say I need a new doctor. Guess I’d better get on this as I was left tonight with two sore arms, no idea what I’m supposed to do next, and …still tired.

I’m going to bed!

Have fun!


16 thoughts on “Everyone Is Saying The Same Thing

  1. If you’re having issues with iron, make sure they check your ferritin levels. Some people will have okay iron levels but ferritin is way low which isn’t good. Low B12 is also linked to fatigue.

  2. I guess you need a new doctor, AJ. I feel your frustration. I, too, as you know, have anemia. But interestingly my iron level is not low, but ferritin level is, so I’m trying iron pills with vitamin c to boost it, per my doctor’s recommendation. He wants me to do the infusion, too. Maybe I will if this doesn’t work. I’ve had crushing fatigue and it’s not fun.
    Anyway….rest up and feel better. 🤗

  3. Oh AJ! When I was at my lowest (nadir they call it) my Hgb was 7 and my hematocrit was 21. Then we started iron injections which really didn’t help. The anemia was all due to fibroids. I ended up being transfused twice. I am now able to donate blood again! Do you know your numbers?

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