I guess we all have our priorities and they’ll be different for everyone:)


It felt like I spent the entire day setting up for and then doing the gingerbread cookie decorating. The children were super excited and could barely contain themselves. I had a bit of an internal meltdown when we didn’t have enough icing for a scoop for each child. We were disappointed in the bakery because we had repeatedly asked if it would be enough! Next year we’ll just buy the icing separate from Thrifty’s!

We all survived and there were no tears so I’m calling it a success!


I couldn’t help myself- I went for a run this evening. Just 4km so super short and in the pouring rain, but it still felt good to get out. I did feel like I was going incredibly slowly though, and I turned off the wrong tracker when I started to walk:(


I grabbed my prescription and a box of chocolates for the principal. Since we have no idea if our regular principal will be back after the break, a bunch of us are going together to get our replacement a thank you/ Christmas gift. I was in charge of picking up the chocolates. It’s always so hard to pick a group gift and of course no one is ever around to check their phone and give an opinion:(


I also got some laundry finally done tonight and a few items laid out to consider taking on my trip.

Mostly I spent the evening finishing another market bag for my co teacher at work. I did the produce bag pattern that is free on Ravelry in Berrocco Indigo. I have to admit I wasn’t really happy with either. The pattern ended with a three needle bind off which really limits how much can be put into the bag and the yarn had multiple knots in it:(

Thankfully only one more bag to go!


I have never been one to write a wishlist. I prefer to be surprised as I have often found that the people buying gifts for me come up with way better ideas than I ever would!

Well I had a huge list but I guess my prescription and a run took priority for me. That’s okay- everything else will still be there tomorrow!

Have fun!


10 thoughts on “Priorities

    1. I hope they like it! I wanted to go with the more impressive looking box of chocolates but instead went with the box that was closer to the budget we had discussed

  1. Group gifts are hard. I usually will pick something I like if I’m in charge of one item involved. I figure as long as it’s not too out there flavor or color wise, most people will enjoy it as well.

    1. I was just having a tough time because one box looked more impressive, but the other box was more in line with the budget we had discussed

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