Yesterday was my first day of winter break, but it was just so busy!


Dennis has asked if I wanted to run a few Km’s. I pictured 4, but we did 7! It was tough at parts, but he’s an awesome running buddy and stayed with me. Probably a good thing as I ended up eating more than planned!


I grabbed toiletries with my mom after checking us all in online. I also looked at American Eagle for jeans, but learned they have little in store and you have to shop online for variety:(

I also picked up three new sweaters for going out, but didn’t end up wearing any of them🤣


I had a party to go to this evening and my running Brenda told me about an easy appetizer dish. It was all gone when I left the party so I’m going to take it as a success.

Put tinfoil or other covering on a cookie sheet and lay a rack over top. Spread out a layer of plain crackers (saltines). Put about a teaspoon of brown sugar on each cracker and then carefully wrap half a slice of bacon around it.

Put it in the oven for two hours at 250. It turned out super yummy!


I went to my friend Corianne and Bruno’s Christmas party. It’s the one party I go to each year. It was fun and I talked to one new person this year. He was very nice and it was a lovely evening:)


I love smelling candles in the store but never seem to buy any. I have the tendency to not go for the overly sweet scents. I like the peach Bellini, etc.

Every time I go to buy a candle, I can hear my uncle Dale, a fireman, telling me that candles left burning is the most common reason for a house burning down. I wish he had never said this to me!!!

Well I’m off to the airport!

Have fun!


23 thoughts on “A Start

  1. AJ, I have the same candle issues. I have a candle melter. It does not require you to light the candle ever. You just put the candle below the light which makes heat, and the candle melts and smells wonderful . Mine is a candle warmer by Aurora, about 29 bucks. Well worth it! Merry merry!

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