It was an interesting start, but I learned quick not to complain cause someone else always has it worst.

It started when I got up super early and spritzed on a new perfume sample that I instantly hated, but didn’t have time to shower off. Of course it was also very strong:(

We got to the airport and through security. I bonded with the security agent over how much fun it is to travel as an adult with your parents🤣🙄😜🤪

Then we sat:( Our flight ended up leaving an hour late and it had and it had a crazy dog and two babies on it.

The flight was fine though I had a Chatty Cathy mom beside me. I even gave up most of my bag of chips to my dad who was sitting behind me. No, I couldn’t get seats together, but that was probably a good thing.🤣

My first car rental experience went smoothly. He upgraded me to an SUV, didn’t charge me for an extra driver and took ten percent off. I’m happy. It was just a mistake to let my dad drive from the airport. Him and my mom have an interesting communication and navigation style. I have heard it was similar in my brother’s car though.

We found the house but we’re an hour early, so we went to the nearest shopping centre. We wanted to go to the Beer Hunters Sports Grill, but it was packed! We had forgotten that it was Sunday! We ended up at a Mexican grill and then went grocery shopping at Von’s. There’s now enough food in this house for an army for a month.

I enjoyed chips and guacamole for dinner while my family ordered pizza. I’m just fine with that.

I also really enjoyed a dip in the hot tub. I have been warm since and I had forgotten what it was like to be warm through. There will be many dips for me this week!

We ended the night on the couches watching the new (2018) Grinch movie, well the adults all watched it, the kid was in the games room. This may be the best Grinch movie yet so if you haven’t seen it, do so. It is super cute! My dad and brother realized they are grinches!🤣

After all our foibles, we learned that my other brother’s first flight had been delayed by several hours as the plane was unrepairable. They then missed their connecting flight and were stuck for the night in Calgary. See, someone is always worse off than you! Hopefully they get here today.


I love to give presents I have made. Every year since I’ve been a kid, I have given my friends an ornament I have made. This year I have all of my friends a market bag, except two who got shawls I had knitted. I’m always hopeful they realize the gift says how much I care about them:)

I’m off to find a running route.

Have fun!


14 thoughts on “First Family Vacation- Day 1

  1. I’m looking forward to reading more about your vacation with family. I can’t imagine Christmas away from home, although we did it once. We went to Germany when we lived in England. It is possible to celebrate Christmas in a guest house, but being home is our norm.

  2. Isn’t it terrible when you have to walk around with a scent on you that you don’t like?! 🤦🏽‍♀️

    Handmade gifts are the best kind. 😊

    Hope you’re feeling better, AJ.

  3. I really enjoy learning about other peoples’ travels. It sounds like overall it went smoothly! Reading this is making me crave pizza. I think I have some in the freezer at home; definitely going to make it when I get back tonight (currently in a plane too). Wait, I did not even realize there was a 2018 Grinch?! I need to watch this ASAP! Can’t wait to read more about your family vacation!

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