Well we are all still alive🤣. Oh and Happy Christmas Eve!


Yesterday I ran around the community where we are staying. I learned the loop is only one kilometer so I started doing cul de sacs and got the run up to 2.69km. Not much, but better than nothing. It was funny though to see people absolutely bundled up and I was just in capris and a t shirt.


After lazing around, my mom and I headed out to the used bookstore that was close by. The Book Rack was wonderful! Bright, neat, clean, and well organized! My mom finally hauled me out of there and we went home and spent the afternoon putting the puzzle together that she had bought.


I’m working on a market bag, but I don’t have anything to use for a round marker so I may have to frog it and start again:(


My other brother, his wife and their children arrived in the afternoon, in surprisingly high spirits for their adventure!

We just sat around talking and catching up. Sheilagh and i went to get groceries and we had barbecued burgers for dinner- so yummy!

After the football game ended we had a second viewing of The Grinch. It was just as good the second time!


My favourite gift received this year was a stack of Hallmark Christmas movies. I will be happy all month long!

Have fun!


17 thoughts on “First Family Vacation Day 2

  1. yeah for your great gift gotten! Enjoy your family who you clearly adore. Enjoy the holiday time off. Zach’s teaching Chinese Children so he only gets 12/25 off. But he gets a week for Chinese New Year. ITs fun to see him so so happy

    1. Ha I only semi like them most of the time🤣🤪
      That’s awesome he’s happy and it will be cheaper for him to travel at Chinese New Year then now.
      Merry Christmas!

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