It was a much more low key day today.


I hung out for the morning and then went for a run around the neighborhood. It was just 3.6km but it felt amazing to be able to be in capris and a tank in December!


I’ve been working my way through Chasing Stanley by Deirdre Martin, but I’m not loving it.


I ran out with my SIL to grab KFC for dinner but then went out after dinner to Nordstrom Rack. I had seen very cute Toms on sale but they didn’t have them there. I did find some of my underwear though so it wasn’t a completely wasted trip.

It was nice to have sunshine and warmth today, but it will also be nice to go home and have all my amenities around me. The Airbnb has been great space, but it isn’t great about having the little things you need.

That’s it for me!

Have fun!


23 thoughts on “The Last Day of Family Vacation

      1. Oh well that should never happen with me! I don’t swear much so that it doesn’t sneak out in front of the kids

    1. For sure! You just need them both to settle near each other and then you can move there!
      I definitely miss having all of my family close around me!

  1. we are having unusually warm weather too. I’m glad you are enjoying your vacation time with family. Hope you have safe travels

  2. Isn’t this December weather wild? I was not even wearing a coat in OH when we were home one of the days. So crazy! I love Nordstrom Rack, but it’s the worst feeling when you find something you like, but not in your size or that store. Have a great week ahead!

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