It was a very long travel day, but we all survived and made it home safely.  I was the random person who got their phone tested. I could have told them there’s only chips, sweets, book ink and yarn fiber on it🤣


I spent much of the day finishing a NetGalley read, called Between Friends by Elsa Miles.

This is the story of Tessa and Jordan. They have been friends since they grew up on neighboring farms in Wyoming. However, can they become more?

This is a friends to lovers trope that is quite successful though it is a very slow burn.

The hero and heroine are interesting and dynamic characters who remain true to themselves.

The one element I questioned was that if these two were such good friends wouldn’t they be better at talking things out?

I had decided that as I met my goals in each area, I would do a review if that part of my life and since yesterday I made my goodreads goal, that means I am starting with my year in reading.

I have recorded 100 books read on Goodreads though this does not include the books I read to my students every day. I can only imagine how many books I read in the classroom!

So some stats:

100 books

30,502 pages

Average length is 305 pages

The most popular book I read this year was Where the Crawdads Sing

My average rating is 4.2 on Goodreads

I have read 21 books for NetGalley

I have read 10 books recommended or read by the Not Your Mom’s Romance Book Club.



Fiction: 16

Historical: 10

Romance: 67🤣

I think my goal next year is to read some non fiction!

Ok off to not read🤣

Have fun!



37 thoughts on “2019 Reading Review

    1. My mom was teasing me today about how I always have so many goals in my life🤣
      I haven’t read either of those, but I do a lot of Jane Austen and Jane Austen take-offs

    1. lol I’m nerdy enough to sit down and look through my books read and tally the genres🤣
      I’d love to see what your reading stats are this year

      1. Okay, so my goal was 12 and I read 16.
        I read 4,346 pages.
        My shortest book was The Red Badge of Courage at 154 pages and my longest was Wuthering Heights at 464 pages.
        It was also the most popular book I read, while the least popular was The Leisure Seeker.

      2. That’s great that you beat your goal!! I was surprised at my least and most popular book and I’m surprised the red badge of courage is your least popular

      3. Well, that’s true! I hadn’t thought about that!
        I just had an idea! I’d love to start a good reads for my kid when they’re a kid and either fill it out for them or teach them how to use it. It would be neat!!

  1. I keep seeing talk of Where the Crawdads Sing – would you recommend it? Great reading this year, I am doing my totals at the end of tomorrow as I’m part-way through two books at the moment and I don’t like having them hang over into the next year!

    1. Yes I’ve had to refrain from reading as I can’t make a lie out of the stats I posted🤣
      Yes I really enjoyed the Crawdads book once I got into it. Give it a chance as it gets way better!

  2. what a fun thing to look back on what you’ve read. I’m guessing you do not include the books you read with your class as part of your “kid” genre. That would probably boost your total a LOT higher

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