Well I made my running goal of 1200km yesterday morning so it was time to sit down and figure out the stats. I have to say I was not happy with RunKeeper as first there was no celebration of my making my goal and secondly I had to go through and figure out my monthly stats myself as I couldn’t find them anywhere on the app:(

For the Year:

I ran 1,201.7km.

I ran 282 times

I burned 56,075 calories.

I climbed 7,559.3 meters

I spent 146 hours 17 minutes and 13 seconds running.

I ran the most times and spent the most time running in July.

I am perfectly split between running most in the morning or in the evening.

I have gotten faster over the year, but I definitely slowed down from September on.

Now to break it down monthly…


21 activities


4.64km was my average run length.

I spent 12 hours,27 minutes and 85 seconds running.

I was out an average of 35:08 for each run.

My slowest pace was: 10:01.

My fastest pace was: 6:41

And my average pace was: 7:49

Saturday was my most common run day.

I did most runs after 4pm.




Average kms: 4.51

Total time: 10:13:68

Average time out: 34:18

Slowest pace: 9:47

Fastest pace: 6:38

Average pace: 7:41

Most common day: Monday, Thursday, Saturday

Most common time: after 4pm


Activities: 29


Avg kms: 4.31

Total time: 15:14:16

Avg time out: 30:50

Slowest pace: 9:20

Fastest pace: 6:25

Most common day: Thursday

Most common time: morning




Avg kms: 4.32

Total time: 10:05:01

Avg time out: 33:50

Slowest pace: 10:46

Fastest pace: 6:42

Avg pace: 7:25

Most common day: Saturday and Sunday

Most common time: evening




Avg kms:4.35

Total time: 12:42:33

Avg time out: 32:41

Slowest pace: 10:15

Fastest pace: 6:22

Avg pace: 7:15

Most common day: Monday

Most common time: evening




Avg kms: 3.84

Total time: 12:41:11

Avg time out: 29:03

Slowest pace: 10:24

Fastest pace: 6:35

Avg pace: 7:15

Most common day: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday

Most common time: morning



Kms: 119.7

Avg kms: 3.86

Total time: 16:07:21

Avg time out: 30:33

Slowest pace: 11:51

Fastest pace: 6:42

Avg pace: 7:26

Most common day: Wednesday and Thursday

Most common time: morning


Activities: 25

Kms: 104.85

Avg kms: 4.19

Total time: 12:10:83

Avg time out: 29:06

Slowest pace: 9:25

Fastest pace: 6:29

Avg pace: 7:19

Most common day: Thursday and Friday

Most common time: morning


Activities: 26

Kms: 103.03

Avg kms: 3.96

Total time: 12:24:38

Avg time out: 28:26

Slowest pace: 8:54

Fastest pace: 6:22

Achieved pace: 7:31

Most common day: Sunday

Most common time: morning


Activities: 24

Kms: 103.15

Avg kms: 4.3

Total time: 12:14:40

Avg time out: 28:26

Slowest pace: 8:54

Fastest pace: 6:22

Avg pace: 7:31

Most common day: Thursday

Most common time: evening



Kms: 103.86

Avg kms: 4.5

Total time: 11:34:80

Avg time out: 30.00

Slowest pace: 8:00

Fastest pace: 6:12

Avg pace: 7:11

Most common day: Sunday

Most common time: evening


Activities: 18


Avg kms: 4.74

Total time: 10:24:45

Avg time out: 33:21

Slowest pace: 7:53

Fastest pace: 6:30

Average pace: 7:11

Most common day: Friday

Most common time: morning

Well now I just have to set up a. Ok to track all of this stuff all year so I don’t have to spend a day figuring it all out at the end!

I also need to figure out what my goal for next year is going to be. I’ve done a speed goal, I’ve done a mileage goal. Anyone have any good ideas?

Have fun!


26 thoughts on “My Year of Running

  1. hmmm maybe something about runs with other people? keep track of the number or runs you do alone compared to with a group or buddy?

      1. That’s okay – might as well flaunt them AJ since you have taken such meticulous records … me too, although I only have a daily tally but only mention my walking miles monthly at month-end. We had a sleety/snowy mix last night. Not much snow arrived, but what did was coated with this sleety mix and is now a mess on the driveway and sidewalks. It is not going to warm up until tomorrow afternoon, so likely no walk today or tomorrow – I don’t want to wipe out, even with the hiking boots and heavy treads. Lots more days to walk –
        but the weekend, as of now is looking like the same weather as last night – ugh. And so Winter begins in earnest now.

      2. Oh I hope the weather clears up quickly! I am off for a run in the little bit of sunshine we’re supposed to have for the foreseeable future

      3. Yup that’s the worst kind. I’m going out in it tonight but only because I am meeting people, makes it way easier to get out the door!

      4. Yes, it would because I always just come in the house after walking and stay put … it was different when working as I was out and about and with people, but just the exact opposite these days. Have fun tonight AJ.

  2. Great job on keeping it up this year! Looks like you ran every day in July, that’s impressive!

    You mentioned that you aren’t happy with the stats that RunKeeper produces. You might like SmashRun as an alternative/supplement. It provides a lot of analysis of your runs. I believe you can import from RunKeeper to SmashRun directly so it should be easy to try.

    1. Hmm thanks for the suggestion I’ll check it out. I have to admit that on the last two runs I’ve just used my new watch

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