Well I bought lots today, now I just need the motivation to use it all.

I spent the morning figuring out my running stats for the past year. I am happy with the fact that my faster runs have gotten faster:) I am forgiving myself for not having my average pace continue to improve as I see I started slowing g down in September which is about when I started feeling really tired. Hopefully my iron infusions starting this week will help solve this problem, and I’ll become rocket fast (🤪🤣 or at least continue to slowly improve).


My friend Allison has told me about a kids consignment store yesterday at brunch so this morning I called to see if they were open. They were and the woman was even kind enough to check to see if they had my favourite exercise brand in stock.

I grabbed my mom and set off. Not For Long in Surrey was an awesome kids consignment store. It was bright, well organized and the clerk was super helpful without being pushy or in the way. The prices were very reasonable and they had a good selection of both new and used. It was a very fun time and I came out with:

2 short sleeved running shirts

6 running tanks

2 sweaters

1 pair of running tights

2 long sleeves running jackets

And all for a price I was willing to pay:)

It was a long drive there and back so mom and I shared fish and chips at the pub.

Of course the pub is right across the square from the running store so I had to look in there as I missed the big Boxing Day sale as I was away. I guess sometimes it’s good to be a weird size as I found a new pair of running shoes, two running tanks (I’ve never regretted any Smartwool purchase), a long sleeved warm jacket and a cute dry fit dress.

I definitely needed to go home and put my Visa card away!!! Though thankfully I used up a few gift cards at the running store:)


I have spent the evening finishing off my last two market bags. I got them done and this allowed me to make my goal of knitting projects for the year🎉🎊

There will be a craft review post tomorrow:)


I did finally do another Hallmark workout this evening which puts me up to date and will allow me to binge watch some more tomorrow.

I did: 10 reverse lunges per leg, 35 crunches, 35 dips, 25 jacks, 20 squats, 35 plié squats, 10 curtsy lunges, 5 burpees and 15 high knees per side. I also did a minute of toe taps in between each exercise.

It did drive me a little crazy not to run today, but I don’t want to make a lie of my stats, so no running until Wednesday!

Well I’m going to go try to determine my next knitting project.

Have fun!


8 thoughts on “Shopping, shopping, shopping…

    1. It was almost an hour away so definitely won’t be a frequent stop. It’s also in a very affluent area where I guess people can afford to dress their kids really well!

  1. That consignment store is a fabulous find! Maybe planning a quarterly trip is the way to go! The fish and chips looks so good, but then everything looks good at the moment!😆 (yes, I overindulged, and am trying to get a jump on it before the New Year!)

    1. Yup I was just trying to decide this morning how often I could allow myself that drive before the cost of gas outweighed the savings.
      I have over indulged too and am trying to be semi good. The tough love will start on Thursday!

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