Often I see these memes on social media about how teaching is a solitary profession and we need to connect. Tonight was the perfect example for me of how the people you work with really do make the difference.


I met up this morning with two of my high school friends for coffee. One of them lives on the campus of one of the local universities so we took her kids over to the main building and let them careen down the hallways on their tricycles. It was the cutest thing ever! We have to put a helmet on the littlest guy cause he’s a daredevil who goes super fast!

I was saying that I hope they will remember this when they are older cause talk about an awesome bragging point and a great memory!

Having my car quit for the second time in a week on the way home, not such a great memory 😖


I got a little bit of knitting in around naps. I was at a loss this morning because I couldn’t think of what to knit next. Then I decided that even if I had missed the deadline for the HPKCHC club this term, didn’t mean I couldn’t look at their prompts. The first I read was to knit something white. Well, I’ve started a small baby blanket that will hopefully get five skeins out of my stash😀


This evening I met up with four of the ladies I work with. My work isn’t a happy place right now, but these four ladies make all the difference and make it bearable. It really is great to work with friends!

We went to Browns Socialhouse for dinner and then carried on to see the new Little Women movie. I thought the movie was very well done and liked how a lot of the story is told by flashbacks:) I also appreciated that they did a great job of recreating Orchard House which was the Alcott residence, though there were a few changes. It’s so neat to have been there! I also liked how they included the fact that Louisa didn’t want the book to end the way it did. I would recommend seeing this movie, though take Kleenex with you.

Well I’m up later than I have been in a long time so I’m off to bed.

Have fun!


18 thoughts on “The Friends Get You Through It

    1. Lol the boys have been loving this during the break when the university is pretty deserted! They love the ramps the most!

  1. I’m glad you’ve created your own support network at work, that helps so much when things are tying. Love the bike races, and could you explain a little more about HPKCHC. You’ve mentioned it before, and I’ve looked for it in Ravelry but never found it.

    1. It is great having friend support at work!
      HPKCHC is the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup group on Ravelry. You sign up and are sorted into one of the four houses. Each month there are prompts for different classes and with each class you finish you get points for your house.
      It’s been super fun and good for getting me to decide on projects.
      I am super mad at myself for missing the sorting deadline this term, but will follow along and try to get sorted for next term

  2. riding tricycle down the hall of a college campus sounds like something that would not actually be a novelty, just the age of the riders.

    having people at work that are more than just co-workers is part of what teaching is about. you have to find the people who think like you and connect together to keep sane

    1. Lol thankfully it’s not commonn at this university. We’re all hills around here so it wouldn’t be very efficient as you’d have to carry your bike up and down too many sets of stairs.
      Yup they definitely keep me sane

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