Note: I’m sorry for no blog post last night. I went for my first iron infusion and landed myself in the ER when I reacted adversely. I didn’t get home until 1am:(. I promise I’ll get back to telling you about my life tonight.


Last year I had as one of my goals, to finish a cross stitch project I had started many years ago. Well it didn’t even move off the shelf. So this year I joined a Stitch a Long to get my butt in motion and get it done. Today is my first post. Here is where I am at. This was all done many years ago as I have to admit that I haven’t even touched this project in the past eleven years!! I have to admit the first picture I took was actually sideways and I didn’t even realize it. Boy is that embarrassing to admit!

This SAL has already worked as the project has at least moved from my shelf to the coffee table! I will definitely want to do something on it before our next post in three weeks.

Be sure to check out everyone else’s progress! There are some amazing projects! If you’re interested in joining, just click on Avis’ link below.

Just a note, if there’s anyone in the SAL who can tell me an easy way to add all these names while on an iPhone, please let me know:)


















Mary Margaret









68 thoughts on “My First SAL update

  1. Welcome to the SAL! I do hope you are feeling better today. Your stitching project is beautiful and I look forward to seeing your progress on it.

  2. Oh no, hope you’re OK! I used to do cross stitch a lot but not sure I could see that close-up these days! I had one of peacocks I started in the 1990s and finished in about 2007!

  3. I haven’t cross stitched in years. hope you enjoy picking it up from time to time and I can’t wait to see your projects

  4. oh no! Hope you’re feeling better too! Such a lovely pattern. So happy we can motivate you to get back to it. Looking forward to seeing your stitching progress on this one!

  5. So sorry to hear the infusion went south.😔 Is that a common issue, or were they surprised too? I must apologize, I got my post up and forgot to include a welcome to you in it, sooo….Welcome AJ, I’m so glad you decided to take the plunge! I know you’ll stitch more with this group!

  6. This is the prettiest comment box I’ve every left a comment in!
    I just read through your past posts to get to know you. I am a retired teacher so I’m always interested in hearing about the life. I also try to exercise every day and I knit and crochet. Meanwhile I am glad your UFO has now made it to the living area! This SAL is great for keeping us motivated but a little warning…the weeks in between updates just fly by. So hope you are feeling all better and a hearty welcome from me just outside Ottawa, Canada.

    1. Oh thank you! My aunt and uncle lived in Ottawa for years, but have just moved down to a city on the river, which I can’t remember the name of for the life of me.
      Yes I’m thinking I’d better do some stitching right away or the time will get away from me!

  7. I had an embroidery that sat unfinished in my workbox for 42 years!!! It took 2 evenings when I finally worked on it! This SAL is great for motivation, looking forward to watching your progress.

  8. Welcome AJ ~ nice to have you along on this SAL. We’re neighbors in a sense, I am across the border in Bellingham 🙂 I joined the SAL last year and it was the best motivator to get a few things undone done. You have a wonderful project and it will be fun to see your progress 🙂 Sharon

    1. Thanks Sharon! That’s so cool that you’re close in proximity. Have you always lived in the Pacific Northwest?
      I hope I get some stitching done!

      1. Originally from New York but have been here now over 20 years – and love it here. Was up in Vancouver this summer with my brother, here from New York (Bronx) on a visit. Took him to Granville Island for the day 🙂 PS I was a special ed para ed at Ferndale HS for 20 years and just retired 2 years ago.

      2. You were brave to tackle Granville Island on a summer day though it sure is a neat place to spend the day.
        Wow that is not an easy job! I bet you’re loving retirement?!

  9. hello AJ and welcome to the SAL. Here’s to hoping you actually stick a needle & thread into this before the next update ^^

  10. Welcome to the group… is a great way to stay motivated. However, I have to echo Jocelyn’s warning ~ the weeks come around quickly, but no one minds if you just say “sorry, no progress”! Your cross stitch is very pretty, but looks to me, a non-cross-stitcher, like a challenge.
    Hope you are feeling good now. Time in emergency departments is never fun.

  11. Hi AJ – welcome to the SAL! We’re getting a real PNW/BC gang going — I’m in Seattle. This stitch-a-long has really kept me motivated to work on a lot of projects, hopefully it will inspire you, too!

    1. Oh that is so cool that there are at least three of us nearby:)
      I am hoping it inspires some stitching. When I first bought the book, I planned to do all 12 designs! Lol

  12. Oh dear, what a rotten way to start the new year. At least the SAL did some good. 😉 I hope you feel up to actually stitching soon. And that things improve as the year rolls on.

    1. And I’m sorry I keep trying to comment on your SAL update to tell you that the heart project is so pretty and the elf hanging is perfect for right now when elf on the shelf is so popular, but it never shows up:(

      1. Some folks do seem to have trouble leaving comments on blogspot blogs like mine. I also moderate the comments so they don’t show up on the blog until after I’ve read and approved them. Thanks for your compliments though! 🙂

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